MOLLE pouch ➡ Bike Handlebar Bag

Until I get a custom bag from YANCO (more to come on that later) I decided to use an extra MOLLE pouch I had as a handlebar bag. It worked fine as-is but didn’t sit very well wrapping the MOLLE straps around the handlebar.

I dug through my collection of extra gear hardware and webbing and found some sternum tai-glides. In order to get them on to the sewn loops of webbing I modified them with a Dremel. This does weaken the hardware, but for this use case the impact is negligable.

This mounting method is more secure and holds the bag in a much better and more stable position in front of the handlebars. I also two strips of velcro added to the front. You will notice that they are not quite lined up correctly… I will just have to deal with this until I can get a single 4"x4" piece of velcro and develop my sewing skills enough to replace it myself.

You can see details on how I have my Slate setup here.