X axis measures question number, y axis measures depth of question. The deeper the question, the higher up it is. Some statements on this graph aren’t questions, but I guess statements can be seen as questions that don’t have question marks on the end of them.

Rain, slack

Carotid, heart attack

Tender veins.

Here comes the rain.

Let me go

Let me go

Opp’s abound


In a lost and found

As we roll away,

Around and around

Don’t tell me now

But tell me now

To whom I speak

It doesn’t matter

To be strong or weak, it’s best to be sleek

Seeking, not reaping

Soothing while cooling

Warm, without a storm

Empty, without a void

Open, though filtered

For the filtered

Are never voided

While the voided

Are never empty

Let me go

Please let me go

It’s too cold

For there to be no snow

And too hot

The juice has crystallized

Its fruit will never rot

Let me go

Look back to the past

But don’t go in

If you do, it’s good, though

You’ll realized that you never sinned

Move forward, but slow

Go too fast and you’ll miss the show

Don’t be afraid to be last

It’s the tethered that bear the weather

When the storm ends

and your life extends

To another day, we go

Monotony, you, I’ll never know

For each day is a-new

Long, I’ll never be blue

Each day, a new boo

From now on, I shan’t rue

Tell me now

But tell me later

No one really needs a savior

A messiah, or protector

But it helps to they who help

God gave the hand, dealt

I don’t ever want to know

Just show me

It’s unnecessary

To deceive,

Only done

By those who please

Others, but not themselves

Never the attacker

Plagued by the frivolous backers, called supporters

There’s enough weight in the world

But not enough bodies to bear it

Too many burdens

But few who will carry

To realize that,

It’s scary

Shall we realize what we lack,

Or will that lead to the world’s first mass heart attack?

Maybe just move about in bliss

We’ll never feel our organs skip

I don’t think we’ll ever see

What or whom we’re supposed to be

That’s where faith plays in

That’s how I know that I am me

But to fulfill exactly,

I assure, no one will ever perform aptly

Against the odds, its stacked

Hard, yes, but still no reason to get blacked

It doesn’t matter where you stand

We’ve all got to perform our labors

In return,

Satisfaction, we’re favored

Let me go

I don’t know what you do

Or who you are

Maybe you cook burgers

Suture wounds

Or work with actors

There’s a struggle within us all

Though by the looks of it

On the surface,

We’ll never know

Our neighbor’s malefactor


If you don’t honor the mind inside

You’ve got to pay respect

To the factors

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Jameson & Quarter

A publication exploring literature, fiction, poetry, essayism and nonfiction writing.