Review of “What Did You Expect” by Modern Monsters

“What Did You Expect”, by Modern Monsters, tells a story of a give and take between the singer and subject, implying an invasion of privacy, at its most literal interpretation, and a questioning of either morals, motives or values, at its most figurative, as the lyrics that commonly follow those of the title in the chorus, “What did you expect to find”, denotes that whatever the findings of the search, or rather, the expectations of the beholder of that search, found the results subpar, and came to the realization that just about every human in the world has arrived at: where they believe the truth to be one thing, yet it comes as another. In this way, the lyrics connect with the listener.

Keys that remind the listener of an 80's vibe introduce the song, and as the piano riff turns into a melody, an alternative sound layers on top while the keys mesh with the rest of the instruments. As the chorus hits, the percussion and electric instruments synchronize, emphasizing the importance of the message, that being, expectations, realizations and open-mindedness. During the bridge, the lead vocalist shifts from telling a story through the lyrics to a free associative combination of underlying themes in the song, picking up on psychological cues, mentioning topics of identity, the individual (during the bridge) and personal values (in the 2nd verse).

As I came into the listening experience of this song, I found myself engaging in the techno-alternative-electric sound laid out by Modern Monsters. After a few listens, I’d relate strings of notes within the overall tone of the song to those of alternative rocker Tash Sultana, guitar legend John Mayer, and piano player and all around energy filled musician Anderson .Paak. Although, I, personally, did not expect to find anything and did not have any expectations (in general), I’m certainly excited to hear this band’s next single, and can say that I expect to enjoy a good listen.