Experiences created using the shared patterns & code components

We aimed to make the designers more effective, by developing a set of standards and design tools to simplify creating a user experience allow designers to focus on the creative interesting problems and deliver the brand with consistent visual execution.


I was Lead Designer for a group of six designers, a blend of Junior to Senior. My role was to be the…


The challenge we faced was that eBay had purchased a business a few years beforehand, run it as a stand-alone organization within the Classified group, but they had recently been moved into the core eBay selling group, to see if it…

The original vision for the overhaul was to create a holistic experience across multi platforms, but when faced with continued negative feedback, we decided to explore creating a rich native android user experience, implementing the Google material design system.

We hope the community of interests that grows will build a very personal connection with each customer, connecting users with their passions and the community of users that share that interest.

The new experience shows the core details about the product (including extracted seller description for more friendly mobile experience), shipping, returns and trust information about the seller.

The previous experience was nothing more than a menu with endless pivots, it lacked the core information for the user to make an informed decision, this change improved purchase rates by 5%, and allowed for further alignment across platforms and screen sizes, leading to a tablet and web version of this approach.

We also added the ability to pivot to similar items through the merchandising service, to encourage browsing and inspiration, to stop the product page acting like a dead end.

We went about introducing a search refinement carousel control, that ranked the top refinement for search query, in order to prompt the use of filtering and encourage the use of structured data (where the quality of items returned is far higher).

A visual fashion show browsing experience was added to help get shop images onto the site as quickly as possible, aiding the reader navigate though the vast range of shows and looks.

James Tenniswood

UX Design Leader

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