Are you taking the wrong job at the right time?

Finding a new job is one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives however the window of time we are given to find our next role is often so short that it’s no wonder we can end up in the wrong job at the right time.

The reasons leading up to a job search will always vary, an insurmountable conflict with your manager, your progression plateaus or worse, redundancy looms. However no matter the reason, in many cases we are left with a short and sometimes pressured window in which to find a new role.

The simple solution is to always be looking for the next opportunity. But, whilst we are able to sign up to receive notifications from jobs boards or can register with a handful of recruiters to receive notifications of potential roles, these lead to:

— Being bombarded with positions that aren’t relevant

— Being provided with so little information that we don’t bother to pursue further.

— Being subject to so much ‘noise’ that you can’t separate the good opportunities from the bad

In 2013 Bill Gates commented that ‘connectivity enables transparency for better government, education and health.’ So why shouldn’t the same apply to the recruitment market?

Given the amazing advancements in technology, it seems absurd that we are limited by these inefficient and increasingly archaic means to assist in finding our next opportunity.

So what is the answer? Personally I feel the future belongs to bespoke platforms that connect organisations and employers directly. Individuals will join a platform, enter in their career experience, aspirations and other important personal and cultural considerations, and then wait to be matched with opportunities from like minded employers.

We have built JamieAi, a platform that connects Data Scientists with opportunities at organisations all over the UK. It’s free. You should check it out.