African platforms in the running for Data Journalism Awards

Four African-based projects are shortlisted in this year’s Data Journalism Awards

Passmark, is a South African data platform that sets out to give a clearer picture of the state of schools in South Africa by collecting the data and presenting it in ways that make it useful to parents, pupils, educators. Passmark is the only African based project nominated in this year’s Data Journalism Award ‘Public Choice’ category. The ‘Public Choice’ award is awarded based on votes by members of the public. The 11 projects shortlisted in the category can be found here. Passmark is also nominated in the Data Journalism Website of the year.

The platform was thought-out and created by Laura Grant, a Wits Journalism lecturer, and Alastair Otter, and aims to collects data and presents it in useful ways to anybody who has an interest in education. The Passmark project was made possible by funding from the Taco Kuiper Fund for Investigative Journalism at Wits University.

The data for the website is sourced from various education departments, NGO’s and other authorities working in the education sector. Once the data is cleaned to ensure reliability and integrity, it is then merged with other datasets to produce detailed insights into the state of education in the country and the forces affecting it.

Map of schools without basic infrastructure that have been upgraded.

You can now vote for your favourite data journalism project out of the 11 shortlisted for the Public Choice category. Voting closes on the 15th May 2018. The project with the most votes will be revealed at the Data Journalism Awards ceremony taking place in Lisbon during the Global Editor’s Summit.

Out of 630 entries, 99 nominations made this year’s shortlist in the 12 categories available, each representing the best data-driven work that was done in the past year across five continents.

Other projects from the African continent shortlisted in the final categories includes:

· Road to Nowhere, africanDRONE, South Africa

o Category: Innovation in data journalism

· Nancharts Code for Africa & Code for Nigeria, Nigeria

o Category: Best data journalism team — small

· InfoTimes, Egypt

o Category: Best data journalism team — small

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