copyright and fair use

Come to a jamlab workshop with international copyright expert Sean Flynn on Thursday 17th May on what every start up and developer needs to know to stay within the law and how to ensure the law works for you.

If you are a web or software developer or if you are working on a digital start up, then you are probably using software, images or text created by others. That means you need to know how to stay the right side of copyright law. If you don’t, you can land up in court.

All innovation rests on the work of those who came before us, and designers, media makers, software developers and founders need to understand how the law balances the rights of originators with those who want to use their works, and how it relates to our constitutional rights to freedom of expression and access to information.

There are also changes to South African copyright law being considered by Parliament that could help you. These would allow and widen ‘fair use’ of copyright material.

jamlab is hosting a workshop at Tshimologong on May 17th with international copyright expert Sean Flynn from the American University. Sean will be joined by South African film and television producer Ben Cashdan. So come with your questions and get up to speed on how to stay legal, and what we can do to ensure copyright works better for us.

This event has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Google South Africa.

Details and RSVP

Date: Thursday 17th May 2018. 2.45pm for 3pm start

Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct, 41 Juta Street, Braamfontein 2000

Places are limited. To get your free ticket please book here

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