What we are reading

It’s time to share what we are reading in our newsroom, this week we are sharing these reads on press freedom, community radio, covering elections and digital storytelling

Picture: Pixabay

The Children Radio Foundation |Community Radio Toolkit

This toolkit is for community radio stations in South Africa. It’s a helpful guide on covering the upcoming South African elections in May, from regulations to production and social media.

Currently, over 240 community radio stations have an estimated audience of about 9 million listeners across South Africa. You and your station are central to this election process and to the democratic project.

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism | Podcasts by journalist Polly Curtis

The media has been facing digital disruptions and financial declines for some time now and Polly Curtis contemplates how the media can find an effective financial model for digital journalism. In “Should the state pay for journalism” podcast, Curtis shares her thoughts on the future of journalism funding and considers the role the state should play in making journalism widely available.

“The state could step in, in a targeted and restrained way to tackle the innovation we need to solve media problems, although journalism and journalists should remain independent,” said Curtis.

NiemanLab | Have the predictions proven true yet?

Each year, Nieman Lab asks some people in the journalism field to share their journalism and media predictions for the year and here are some for 2019.

Joel Konopo from the INK Centre of Investigative Journalism in Botswana, was one of the many media practitioners from around the world who sent in his prediction. Konopo predicts that influencers will become the new liberated power in Africa. “The number of digital influencers is increasing at an alarming rate in most repressive regimes, a sign of exasperation among youth eager to take advantage of social media to tell their stories in a way that previously would have been impossible or very dangerous,” he said.