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2 min readFeb 19, 2023


Therapy. I get stuck thinking about what seems obvious but never seems to change. Never seems to get fixed. I don’t mean big problems. I mean the small stuff of everyday life. Products, businesses, the way things are. Once I see it and see it as wrong, it triggers me every time I see it again.

So I thought, what if I wrote about it? Maybe then I could let it go.

And thus, this page.

I don’t presume I know any better than anyone. If there’s wisdom in what appears here, it will be obvious or not. And it will be read and shared or (likely) not, based on that wisdom.

But there is one important principle that I want to make clear that I will respect here—a certain principle of integrity that I believe should apply to any whining page. That principle is this:

If I whine about something here that I have personal stake in — a product, or service, or some stupid situation—it is only after I’ve tried to deal with it privately, and directly. Once it appears here, I won’t accept any remedy or payment to remove the critique. I will correct errors of course, as soon as I learn of them. But this is not meant as leverage to get what I want. It is offered with the hope that it might help make things more sense for anyone.

And also with the hope that once liquidated here, it won’t haunt me every time I see it again.