Always-on Lift Measurement

The Accurate and Cost-Effective Method for Measuring Incremental Performance for both User Acquisition and App Retargeting.

Jampp’s Always-on Lift Measurement feature uses the most precise methodology to scientifically measure campaign performance, at no additional cost.

Measure on the go

Most traditional lift testing methodologies require pausing other marketing efforts for the duration of the test. However, this isn’t always possible and even when it is, generates a huge disruption to the advertiser’s campaign strategy. This can make it hard to ramp up to the previous level. Many methodologies also imply an additional cost to cover PSA for the control group.

Understanding the importance of measuring the lift of a campaign, and the hassle it has typically implied for marketers to do so, we developed a feature that will allow advertisers to check their campaigns’ incremental performance at any given time, without the need to stop other activity and at no extra cost.

Jampp’s Always-on Lift Measurement will answer the following question in real time: “Is running a campaign with Jampp generating conversions that wouldn’t have happened otherwise?”

Made for Growth Marketers

“We are very excited about Jampp’s Always-on Lift Measurement. Being able to measure campaign impact on the go, with daily results, gives a new level of transparency which we really appreciate.” — Marc Deckers, Lead App Marketing at

How it Works

The new methodology uses the scientific A/B test format (random split between treatment and control groups) BUT instead of actually showing impressions to the control group, we leverage the power of Ghost Bids and synthetic impressions.

A ghost bid is the logging event of a bid for the control group. While these users don’t receive an actual bid and creative, the logging event is still present. Logging the event enables advertisers to keep track of every potential bid that has been suppressed. The counts of these logs are what we call ghost bids.

We then take this one step further by randomly assigning “synthetic impressions” to users within the control group. This way, our methodology can identify which users would have been exposed, ensuring an apples-to-apples comparison.

“We built this feature for any growth team running with several channels that needs to understand the incremental impact of their advertising efforts. Especially, marketers in the on-demand vertical whose aggressive growth plans leave little room to stop or slow their growth effort on a costly weeks-long tests.” Guido Crego, Head of Product

Getting Started

Always-on Lift Measurement is now available to all Jampp advertisers for both User Acquisition and App Retargeting. The only requirement is to share organic in-app data via your MMP of choice, that’s it! Measuring the impact of your advertising efforts should not be expensive or disruptive, contact us to unlock a new level of performance transparency.


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