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Rafael Lima
Jul 16, 2019 · 7 min read

We’ve been working with our partners to build a more transparent ecosystem, in this post we dive into the new integrations and initiatives we’re participating in with MMPs and DMPs.

Our industry doesn’t have the best rep. From cases of rampant ad fraud to the continued usage of inaccurate metrics, and pretty much everything in between, it is no surprise that there is a high level of distrust among marketers.

We’ve always been big advocates of transparency, going as far as “killing” our network driven User Acquisition product 2 years ago. We were so indignant at the ad fraud and lack of transparency on ad spend and placements, that we literally developed a new product for Programmatic User Acquisition instead.

We’ve been consistently working to offer more transparency, both through our product and working together with industry partners (from the supply side to third party players whose sole mission is fighting fraud), but we haven’t always been the best at communicating that. So, in the spirit of full transparency, we want to share some of the latest initiatives and integrations we’ve been working on with our partners on the attribution and data management side.

Adjust Click Validation

A couple of years ago, we joined Adjust’s Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF for short). Through mutual collaboration and participation, CAAF strives to ultimately succeed in stemming the tide of mobile ad fraud. One of the CAAF’s latest initiatives has been to make Click Validation a core requirement.

Tell me more…

Click validation is an additional package offered to Adjust clients to help prevent mobile ad fraud. With Click Validation activated, all clicks received by Adjust are matched with impression data, proving that an ad has been viewed before a click was made. By requesting an impression before the click, a matching engagement by the same device can be verified. Click Validation will therefore lead to more accurate attribution and less budget wasted due to ad fraud.

Click Validation protects against three kinds of fraud:

  • Click Spamming
  • Click Injection
  • Spoofed Users

Appsflyer Protect360

We recently updated our postback integration with Appsflyer to support and connect to their latest Anti Fraud product, Protect360. This feature means customers hiring that service from Appsflyer can share the P360 postbacks with Jampp, so that we may act preventively on that data.

Tell me more…

Protect360 delivers comprehensive mobile fraud protection, providing coverage through machine learning, DeviceRankTM, and behavioral analysis. The product includes SDK & Hashing Authentication, Live Alerts among other features.

  • The platform processes over 1 trillion monthly data points across over 7.1 billion devices, actively updating protection with machine learning as new sources and types of fraud are identified.
  • Protect360 clients are able to see the quantities and reasons for fraud blocks.
  • The Protect360 platform also contains dedicated raw data reports.

Branch Certified Partner Program

Earlier this year, we joined Branch’s Certified Partner Program to advance transparency in the mobile industry. Over the years, we’ve participated in a few joint initiatives to help guarantee transparency and accuracy in reporting and attribution. Being among the early partners in TUNE’s Certified Partner Program, we were very excited to hear that Branch would be launching their own Partner Program, and even more excited to be among the first partners to join.

Tell me more…

All Branch partners must meet stringent technical criteria, covering client experience, data sharing, and cost transparency. These include performing end-to-end testing and following campaign best practices such as keeping data discrepancies to under 10%.

Additional requirements include:

  • Sending campaign, ad name, and device ID.
  • Agree to SLAs for resolving issues with campaigns
  • Actively collaborate in fighting mobile ad fraud by agreeing to common definitions for what constitutes fraud and sending secondary publisher and device ID for in-app traffic.

Braze Alloys

We recently joined Braze Alloys technical partners. The new integration will help marketers working with Braze, to add richer data sets to their retargeting initiatives.

By leveraging our integration with Braze marketers will now be able to seamlessly send their Push and Email campaign data to Jampp. Thus enabling them to:

  1. Align campaigns/stories across different channels. For example: if a user saw a specific Push or Email message, we would be able to show the same message (or better still a message that is synced to that one) through the programmatic channel.
  2. Increase Budget Efficiency — Through the integration, marketers can provide cross-channel signals (a.k.a additional data points) for our machine learning algorithm, thus powering Jampp’s platform to further customize bidding and creative-selection.

Kochava Traffic Index

The Kochava Traffic Index (KTI) informs marketers by identifying media partners with the cleanest traffic. They evaluate transparency in terms of Signal Clarity. Signal clarity reflects the strength of the ad signal sent from media partners to Kochava and what they can receive from Kochava’s system through postbacks.

Jampp made the Kochava Traffic Index’s Top 5 for Signal Clarity

Tell me more…

Kochava measures the percentage of each transaction that captures the minimally required data elements to drive accurate attribution, cardinality (a measure of distinct elements) and uniqueness of clicks per site (publisher) ID.

Some of the data elements measured include:

• Clicks: device ID, site ID, click ID, creative ID

• Postbacks: install, event

• Impressions: device ID, site ID, creative ID

• Percentage of low cardinality sites

So signal clarity means…?

Click and impression data completeness rates are weighted equally at 25% each. Postbacks support makes up 25% of the overall signal clarity score, and low cardinality site ID percent makes up 25% of the overall signal clarity score.

Wrapping Up

The mobile marketing space needs more transparency, so naturally we are 100% behind any initiative seeking to create clear industry standards and unite technology and advertising companies who are fully committed to upholding app marketing best practices. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but luckily there is far more awareness about the importance of working together for a more transparent industry.

Stay tuned for more updates! We’re keeping busy and look forward to sharing some of the work we’ve been doing internally and with some of the leading ad fraud detection companies. 😉


A regular dosage of Jampp driven knowledge about mobile marketing

Rafael Lima

Written by

Business Solutions Manager @ Jampp



A regular dosage of Jampp driven knowledge about mobile marketing

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