Incrementality Q&A with growth marketers in Berlin 🇩🇪

Florencia Vago
Jun 12 · 8 min read

Once upon a time… in performance marketing

“… in one of my previous jobs, we were actually trying to pause all the marketing activity in smaller markets, where we could afford it, for a certain period of time. [The idea was to] then start again to basically measure against the baseline (…) the issue there is that most of the channels do not recover so well (…) and then you cannot really ramp up to the level you were, and if you do that a couple of times you can kill all the campaigns and the optimizations.”

“There’s so much background noise, you’d really need to cut all marketing activity, but even then, I think offline channels such as TV will have an impact on branding awareness and top funnel.” Tom Brooks, DeliveryHero

What growth marketers need to know before measuring incrementality

#1 One test is not like the others — Know your KPIs 📋

#2 Size Matters 📏

“If the total share of installs coming from the mobile channel is 2–5%, any variable we could see, maybe it’s not going to be enough to indicate definitely that it has been a huge impact or not.” — Tom Brooks, Delivery Hero.

#3 Apples to Apples 🍎

Also, watch out for bias 🧐

“One of the most important things that you should consider when you do incrementality tests is the randomization of the audiences, because it could well be that you have very high incrementality, but there was a certain bias to the two groups that you have. This is one of the problems that we’ve come across”

Some other learnings 🤓

Be wary of comparing channels

“I don’t think it makes much sense to compare across channels, as you have different objectives for each, and it depends a lot on your KPIs” — Tom Brooks, DeliveryHero

Results vary — don’t be alarmed

Yes, it’s important to share Organic Data

Wrapping Up


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