Tracking the app trackers

Florencia Vago
Aug 4, 2016 · 8 min read

A review of today’s top app tracking platforms

To understand how your traffic sources are performing and what your users are experiencing, it’s important to have a reliable tracking and attribution partner. This is why we’ve created an overview of our clients’ preferred tracking partners, so you can find the best fit for your company.

Features to consider

Attribution methods

Mobile App Tracking Platforms track campaign performance across ad networks, providing a holistic view of marketing campaigns. There are two main types of attribution methods: Device ID matching and Fingerprinting.

  • Fingerprinting is a type of probabilistic attribution in which the tracking platform uses non-device ID data available such as IP address, device model, device OS, among others, to attribute an in-app event to the corresponding partner.

Attribution windows

Attribution windows or lookback windows are the pre-determined timeframes used to credit installs to the different networks/publishers. A 7-day attribution window means that if a user clicks on an ad served by DSP X, and installs the app within 7 days of that click, that install is attributed to DSP X.


Reliable traffic reports are important, but an increasingly important part of mobile marketing is understanding in-app user behaviour and how your user base converts across your app event funnel.

  • Scheduled reports are useful for new insights in your inbox on a regular cadence.
  • Log reporting is important for quick troubleshooting.

Reattribution criteria

As re-engagement is becoming the focus of mobile marketing campaigns, a central point to consider is a tracking platform’s re-engagement attribution capabilities and its reattribution criteria. App retargeting or re-engagement attribution credits app opens to the existing app users who opened the app after engaging with a retargeting ad. A tracking platform with re-engagement attribution will be able to discern whether an in-app event should be attributed to an acquisition or re-engagement campaign. However, there is not a standardized reattribution criteria among tracking platforms and it’s important to keep this in mind.
Some platforms define their reattribution window as the time frame after a user clicks on a retargeting ad in which all in-app events by the user will be attributed to the re-engagement campaign. Others determine their window as the number of days that the user has to be inactive before he or she can be reattributed to the re-engagement campaign.

The Trackers








A regular dosage of Jampp driven knowledge about mobile…

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A regular dosage of Jampp driven knowledge about mobile marketing

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