Project setup

This takes too much time. Every time I start a new project the bootstrapping part takes loads of time — like 1 or 2 hours to get to configuration that gets me into real speed. I know that you can find boilerplates, but they also make decisions I wouldn’t make — most of them use cutting edge technologies or are outdated. Sometimes the setup part is the last one in project, because I just feel so bored that just can’t continue.

But… I’m taking part in Get Noticed contest, so I can’t get drawn but so simple tasks. So as for frontend app I decided to use React and Material UI for view layer, and I will use Redux for business logic. Why? Because I feel comfortable with them and I decided that for frontend the only challenging part will be the size of the app — I want to have full SPA. I want to run frontend with backend mocked out, so I will also need some special code to integrate both frontend and backend.

That’s all for now. I’ve just spent 1 hour on setup and this short blog post. Geeez, why am I so slow?