New Year, New Modern Austen…Again!

My goals for a happy & healthy 2018.

I know I must write in my diary more faithfully, and, once again, I find myself making a resolution on the first day of a new year to do so. A year always seems too short to fulfill all the promises one wishes to keep. That seems to be why I always find myself here at my desk on New Year’s day, writing an apology in my diary for 365 days worth of failings.

2017 brought much good & much bad to the country. You can see on the faces of almost everyone you meet how weary they are of persevering. And yet, we all still have hope. Hope for brighter tomorrows. Hope that we all won’t die in a nuclear holocaust. Hope enough to make plans for the new year ahead.

It’s the wonderful & unbelievably stupid thing about humans, and I’m proud to be one of them. I know, I know: doom and gloom, my hat!

Here are my resolutions for this coming year:

  1. Meet a man who makes 10,000 a year
  2. Marry him
  3. Maybe try writing a book
  4. And make my own fortune
  5. Forget goals 1&2
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