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15 Classic Titles If They Were Written As Clickbait

You’ll Be Shocked By This List

1. Man Tries To Defeat Whale! Here’s How It Turned Out-Herman Melville

2. My Shopping Addiction Destroyed Me, My Family, And My Friendship With The Local Moneylender-Gustave Flaubert

3. You Won’t Believe Where This Convict Was Hiding-Victor Hugo

4. Man Swears Revenge Against The Men Who Wrongfully Imprisoned Him And The Results Are Amazing-Alexander Dumas

5. Can You Guess Who Killed Rodger Ackroyd? 90% Of People Answered Wrong-Agatha Christie

6. Only People With a High IQ Can Finish This Book That Takes Place During One Day-James Joyce

7. The Best (and Worst) Cities To Live In the Early 1800s-By Charles Dickens

8. 40 Ways NOT to Get Your Ex Back-F. Scott Fitzgerald

9. 47 Pages That Sum Up Going Insane Accurately-Charlotte Perkins Gilman

10. Why Only Idiots Burn Books-Ray Bradbury

11. Are Modern Women Dangerous? Read More To Find Out-Ernest Hemingway

12. How He lost Everything (Except His Faith)-The Bible

13. She Told A Rich Man That She Wouldn’t Marry Him. What Happened Next Will Shock You-Jane Austen

14. My Music Teacher Was A Monster, But I Still Made Out With Him-Gaston Leroux

15. Man Divorces His Wife And Stays In Town To Harass Her After She Has Another Man’s Child-Nathanial Hawthorne