AI Starter Kits are a fast and easy way to benefit from conversational AI

Pre-trained AI from Janis helps you understand your users. You just edit responses in a bot template

We just released Janis AI Starter Kits into public beta.

💁What are AI Starter Kits?

AI Starter Kits are a fast and easy way for you to benefit from conversational AI. There are two parts to an AI Starter Kit:

  1. Pre-trained AI that understands small talk, customer service FAQs, and more.
  2. Pre-built responses in a bot template (Manychat and Chatfuel). You just need to edit the responses or use your existing bot content as responses.

You can understand common things users say to bots and some customer service FAQ immediately because we’ve pre-trained the AI. We’ve done all the leg work so you don’t have to. You can just edit the responses in a bot template on your bot making tool of choice (currently Manychat and Chatfuel), and build out engaging responses for your use-case. You can also edit our Dialogflow Intents too and add in new ones.

💁What are the key benefits?

AI training takes time. With an AI Starter Kit, you can be more responsive to user input immediately and start to delight your users, boost revenue, and reduce customer service costs (especially for eCommerce). Plus, you don’t need to know anything about AI to start benefiting from AI.

💁Do I still have to train AI?

Of course, but we don’t want it to feel like you have a huge mountain to climb. If we can automate even a small % of messages you receive such as your customer service FAQ, then you’re much further ahead in meeting your automation goals. An AI Starter Kit helps you see value immediately while reducing the amount of time you need to train AI.

💁Who should use it?

If you’re building a new bot on Chatfuel or Manychat and you’ve never worked with AI, feel overwhelmed or intimidated just hearing the letters A.I., or you don’t have time to go through endless tutorials and videos to understand AI, you should try it.

If you’re an agency building bots for clients, you can demo with the AI Starter Kit and you’ll impress them. Your goal is to demonstrate the benefits of a chatbot. Our AI Starter Kit will make your demos more impressive with less effort. Your prospective clients don’t care about all of the integrations, platforms, and features of a chatbot. They only care if it can respond to messages they receive so they can boost revenue and reduce costs. An AI Starter Kit can help sell the opportunity and the benefits.

💁What about the existing way to connect AI with Janis?

You can do that too. When you add a bot, choose the “Custom Integration” option and you can connect the way you always have, but we encourage you to choose the “Starter Kit” option as that’s the fastest way to realize time-to-value from Dialogflow.

💁What about your other pre-trained AI like Janis Small Talk?

Our AI Starter Kits replace that. All of our Small Talk Intents, and now customer service Intents, as well as some other magic like restaurant reservations, location-based requests, and even job searching, are built into our Starter Kits. A lot of the tips and tricks we’ve shared over the last year in this blog are bundled into an AI Starter Kit too.

💁Janis installs it directly to Dialogflow?

Yes. Take advantage of our Google-certified Dialogflow V2 integration. We already reduce friction in helping you connect to AI. With a Starter Kit, you don’t have to download a zip file, then upload it. Janis does it for you. Janis will IMPORT intents to your Dialogflow account. It will overwrite only your Default Welcome Intent and Default Fallback Intent, but NOT other Intents, if you have them.

💁Free plan or Pro plan?

We’re in “Public beta” right now with our AI Starter Kits and expect they will need some fine tuning. You can access them and use them for free as long as you’re using Janis-as-a-Service. The business value these can add is potentially huge. It’s one thing to connect to Dialogflow, but an AI Starter Kit can help you benefit from AI immediately.

💁Do you have an example of how it works?

Here is how it works for Manychat users:

And here is how it works for Chatfuel users:

💁How am I allowed to use your pre-trained AI?

Janis permits you to remix, transform, and build upon the content, for any purpose, even commercially with some reasonable attribution for Janis. The license is valid as long as you use the Janis Service. The license does not grant you permission to take the content and use it with a competing service, or in connection with a platform that is not directly supported by Janis. See the section on “AI Kits” in our terms of use, or you can make a one-time payment to get a license to the Dialogflow agent in a bundle.

💁How do I get started?

Add Janis to Slack, then connect a bot to Janis, or say “Bots” to pick an existing bot and choose the AI Starter Kit option when Janis asks you if you want it. Janis will install the AI to your Dialogflow account and give you a matching template you can install to your bot platform.

💁How can I help contribute to it?

If what you’re building can help accelerate the adoption of conversational AI and, get in touch. We have Starter Kit Expansion Packs already being built by members of the Janis community. You can translate the pre-trained AI into different languages and sell it (with our permission) and we’ll help promote that. You might have AI examples for Chatfuel or Manychat and we could include your Blocks/Flows in our Bot templates and give you full credit.

💁What’s the goal?

Enabling a truly delightful conversational experience should be your goal, but training AI takes time. Users won’t be patient and wait for AI to learn and your bot to improve, so hopefully, you’ll see some value in our AI Starter Kits.

  1. Join the Janis Facebook group and meet other users working with an AI Starter Kit, get involved and help contribute to it.
  2. Please share this with others if you found it useful. It gives us great satisfaction knowing that we’re helping to make it easier to adopt conversational AI and benefit from it.