11/10/2018 — Janngo’s vision of “The Africa of Tomorrow” : Opportunities, Challenges and Entrepreneurship.

“Tech in Africa is an enabler to find African solutions to African issues but also to Global issues” Fatoumata Bâ, CEO of Janngo on the scene of BIG, event organized by BPI France.

Discover Janngo’s vision of “The Africa of Tomorrow” by coming alive again, Fatoumata Bâ‘s speech in front of 42 000 entreprenors and innovators on the scene of BIG (Paris), an event organised by BPI France (Public Investment Bank of France).

“Today, Africa has the opportunity to take up a three-pronged massive challenge: demographic, technologic and economic.” Fatoumata Bâ, CEO of Janngo at BIG, organised by BPI France.

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