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Shokawa Sakura (fire fighting Wazakura) is, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture Shokawa Street (formerly Shōkawa) National Highway No. 156 along Nakano, two of P. pendula f. Ascendens, which is estimated to be 450 years years old that have been ported to the shores of Lake Miboro dam old. Very pale pink petals and rugged stem features. Tree height of about 20m, the outer circumference about 6m of the stem. Gifu Prefecture designated natural monument. December 1960 the cherry tree that was destined to sink into the dam lake by Miboro dam construction, in primary president Tatsuyuki Takasaki brainchild of assistant of power built the dam Development Co., Ltd. (J Power), is implanted by the company, and is maintained there. After the transplant, she was named “Shokawa Sakura” in honor of the old Shōkawa that had cherry.

In 1960, during the visit the planned site to be submerged by the Miboro dam construction, founder president Tatsuyuki Takasaki assistant of the power supply is a dam construction employer saw a huge cherry tree that was in the garden of the halo Temple Development Co., Ltd. (J Power) is “ somehow as either “not able to save the cherry tree, I was asked to transplant to the authority Sasabe Shintaro also referred to as the time of cherry tree research as” Sakuraotoko “in cherry researcher of the street. From the beginning Sasabe its difficulties, but firmly refused this, Hodasare in Takasaki of enthusiasm, has become that eventually undertake. Thereafter, the Sasabe who visited where she order to hit the preliminary survey of the cherry tree transplant, to know that the same cherry tree of giant trees is also in TeruRentera, this cherry tree is also proposed to transplant, became be transplanted to two simultaneous It was. Under done transplant construction of Sasabe guidance, such as overturn a technique which has been a common sense at the time by the time Tokai has been touted as having the best of transplantation techniques at the local landscaping industry-yard positive landscaping of Ueki craftsman Masamitsu Niwa et al. but was done several incorporating the new technique, after was something about a large scale is said that there is no example in the world, old age and the bulk of more than 400 years old, a fool to cut further, “Sakura, idiot, not cut plum enough to be referred to as the “trauma may also be transplanted vulnerable cherry, it was extremely difficult. Sakura dropped the branches and roots as much as possible and transported to the hill which is on the dam the water surface, but were transplanted, because the figure of only rugged stem seemed even tragic figure, at that time, Sasabe and the Takasaki submerged area residents accused of, such as “cruel disservice”, “even without the out chase to any submerged” from and the world are concentrated. But Mokusan street of Sasabe, the next 1961 spring, cherry blossoms of survival confirmation. Was named “Shokawa Sakura” by the time of Fujii TakashiOsamu Power Development president in the submerged monument unveiling ceremony was held in June 1962. Transplant since, continues to extend the ongoing maintenance There is also beyond every year branches and leaves of the company, which bloom once as beautiful flowers now. Shokawa Sakura of survival at that time, is said to also had the original residents cried clung to the cherry tree. Heisei 10 around is like a collection of the original inhabitants of the submerged land “Hometown Friends” gather the original Shokawa cherry blossoms in early spring, for the original inhabitants has become a symbolic presence of the former hometown today.
2016 now, Mr. Hideyuki Niwa grandson of Masamitsu Niwa, who was involved in the transplant is doing the management of more than 30 years Shokawa Sakura as SakuraMamoru. The same location as Shokawa cherry tree, Yoshie Wakayama from the seed of cherry Shokawa (original dam construction opposition movement “defend Meeting” General Secretary, later “Hometown Friends” Chairman) II cherry tree were transplanted was raised seedlings in 1984 also planted and, both bloom in about mid-may from the end of April, during the flowering has been lit up. Annual number of tourists is about 5 million people. Shokawa For the history of the cherry tree, in the “Miboro Dam Side Park” on the front of the Miboro dam, you can see the exhibition, such as a documentary video “poetry of SakuraMamoru” including video of the transplant work.

shokawasakura in August

Public transport
From Takayama direction: JR Takayama Shirakawa-go line of Nobi bus or Shirakawa-go express bus from the station, “Cherry Township Shokawa” get off.
However, the close slightly better to get off in the case of Nobi bus “Makido”
From Nagoya: Take the Nagara River Township Shokawa Line of Gifu bus Sakura from the railway County Kamiyahata Station “Makido garage” get off. Or alpine around.
From Kanazawa direction: Shirakawa-go express bus line alpine “Cherry Township Shokawa” get off. Or alpine around.
Cherry Township Shokawa, it is necessary to walk the 156 National Highway about 6 ~ 8km from Makido.
Private car
From Nagoya side: about Tonami Shirakawa next six minutes the Hokuriku 156 Route road Shokawa IC → National Highway car Tokai.
From Toyama side: about Shokawa Swan toward a 25-minute Hokuriku 156 Route road Shirakawa IC → National Highway car Tokai.
Because there is a parking lot on the local, but a few, bus in the flowering season, the parking ticket cherry Shokawa in the “drive-in Miboro Lake” parking lot, because the guards are distributing, admission only after receiving it can not (free from FY 2008). Standard-sized car in the flowering season, unnecessary parking tickets. It is possible to enter into direct Shokawa cherry parking.

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