❤ in JPN

Fascinated by the concept of intimacy in Japan, and the complexness of it in Japansese society, photographer Zaza Bertrand is working on a documentary series inside love hotels. The bizarre atmosphere and the notable tension in these hotels intrigues her. Zaza’s unability to communicate with the subjects on the other side of her camera, makes for sometimes uncomfortable moments and unpredictable situations.

Japan is going trough a period of big changes on a sexual level. Both men and women choose more frequently to have a single, childless life. Japan has transformed from being a country where almost everybody got married to one where 20 % of the population never does. Until the 70’s, sex was considered something strictly practiced within arranged marriages and mainly just for reproduction… Since the economical growth and the superfast evolving society during the 80’s, things started to shift. Influenced by foreign culture, international film, etc. people started to believe in ‘love’ marriages and in sex as ‘pleasure’, also for women!

Zaza got her Master degree in Photography with great distinction and worked as an freelance intern for the Dutch quality newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’. She came back to Belgium in order to focus on autonomous work. Her most recent project, ‘Dreamland’, about upper class Egyptian girls living in gated communities, was covered in a number of national and international newspapers and magazines. www.zazabertrand.com

This story is part of my photo project “Japanese Whispers”, about intimicay in the land of the rising sun. More on kisskissbankbank crowd funding campaign Or about me on my website.

©zaza bertrand