Shion, the call girl

“This is Shion, she told me she was addicted to hostess boys, and that she had become a callgirl because they are so expensive. Hostess boys are another unique Japanese phenomenon: they’re good looking guys who get paid (a lot) by young women to be attentive. They don’t sleep with each other, they just send the girls messages, they listen to their worries, and make them feel cherished. Shion couldn’t resist them, even if she knew it was all artificial. I think she would never had told me this, if we weren’t in a rabuho room together. Although the rooms are not always very cosy, they are an intimate cocoon offer an intimate atmosphere. It’s the first time I experience that kind of openness in Japan, and I think that’s why I like this project so much.”

Both the traditional and new perspectives result in extremely confusing thoughts and conflicts in today’s Japanese society. Women are more and more searching for physical and emotional pleasure outside their loveless marriage and feel guilty about it. Men on the other hand, have been looking for extramarital and payed pleasure for centuries. A visit to a prostitute for example is considered a healthy daytrip with the company.

This story is part of my photo project “Japanese Whispers”, about intimicay in the land of the rising sun. More on kisskissbankbank crowd funding campaign or about my work on my website.