I want to be an English writer as a native Japanese

I started blogging in 2015, and most of the time I have written in Japanese which is my mother tongue. I’ve been talking about my life, languages, healthy diets and more things that I am always interested in.

But now I want to write my stories in English. It is not easy at all for me to write in my second language. I have been too lazy to learn about reading and writing English. When I tried to improve my English, I always focused on speaking and listening comprehensive because for me English is just a tool to communicate colloquially with people in the world.

And then, why did I change my mind? Because I love writing so much that I want to be able to write in English as well as Japanese. I have something that I want to tell you, who possibly don’t understand Japanese. I also want to deliver my stories to much more people.

Thinking about my writing skill and technics of English, I feel embarrassed because it’s not good at all. But I remembered that my Japanese writing was also miserable, when I have just started blogging in Japanese. I realized, the more I wrote, the better my Japanese writing became. I hope the same thing could happen to my English, too.

So, I believe, all I need to do is just to keep writing. And I met Medium, this platform, which looks so powerful and creative, with many of those interesting and exciting articles. When I have read some stories written in English by the writers whose first languages are not English, they encouraged me a lot.

Some people say that technology will break down the barrier of languages. There are already some great tools for translation which work well. But what I want is not proper and precise translating Japanese into English.

When I lived in Hong Kong, I had a lot of colleagues from different countries. A simple translation from Japanese to their languages or English didn’t work. The ways to tell what you want to say differs from language to

I want to tell my stories in English in the most efficient way with my own words. That’s why I decided to write in English.

I also think writing on Medium is a good and fast way to improve my English writing skill because there are lots of writers who produce beautiful posts. I have just started writing here, and am already very excited.

I am going to keep writing in English because I have lots of stories to tell you. And I hope, at some point, this post of mine inspires other non-native English writers who are aiming to write their stories in English.