What kind of scenery would you like to see at your life’s end?

The lonely death of a 40 year old woman in Japan

Jul 30, 2019 · 2 min read

When I am having a bath in our house built in the woods, I can see a green tree through the window in the summer. It is a relaxing time after working hard in the garden, but today I was thinking about the Japanese lady who was found dead in her bathroom last winter.

Yesterday, I read the article about her death. She was in her 40’s, and her body was found more than one month after she died. She always worked at home online. She had her own business and it seemed quite successful. She had more than enough money to live. Money was not her issue.

It was unfortunate that nobody noticed her death until some children in her neighbour found it weird that the light was always on in her flat.

The article stated that she was a workaholic. She didn’t take care of herself properly and didn’t feed herself well. They call it “self-neglect,” which ended up leading to her death.

She didn’t have much connection to people in the ‘real’ society. She might have had lots of followers through social media related to her business and it could have made her attend less and less to social activity in the real world.

Nobody has a perfect life. That’s why we want to connect with each other, to share our pain and happiness. In cyberspace, you could be anybody you want. You are still a human being who needs to be fed properly and loved or cared about by others.

In the bathtub, looking at the vivid green nature, I was thinking about her; How was her life? What was she thinking about every day? I was also wondering what kind of scenery she could have seen in her last moments.

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HANA is a Japanese born writer who writes stories and poems in both English and Japanese. If you are an English reader, you can follow her English publications, ‘Etude of Creativity (poetry, haiku, fiction)’ and ‘Japanese Writer (blogs & essays)’ or on Twitter.

Japanese writer

A view from Japanese writer, about Japan, to decode its…


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Used to be named as Hana. A Japanese born blogger and writer who currently lives in Canada. https://japanesque-cafe.com/

Japanese writer

A view from Japanese writer, about Japan, to decode its society and to glimpse the culture.

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