The Real Reason and My Target for writing on Medium

Dear, my followers; I’m only telling you

Oct 1 · 4 min read

My ultimate goal is building up my passive income online. I know this article won’t be curated by Medium because the title includes the word “Medium”. So, this is my ‘petite’ secret of my future plan which I want to share only with my followers and readers.

I will be honest with you today. I want to gain my passive income which can bring me some money even when I am not working, even when I am sleeping and even when I am travelling around the world — the real world — wandering in South East Asia, or lying on the beach.

I am not a person who is good at planning, but I have a plan now. I want to self-publish my book in Japanese and the title should be;

“10 things I did to become an English writer as a native Japanese person (tentative)”

I hope that I will be capable to write this book within five years from now.

Self-publishing books is a part of my passive income. I am doing it with Kindle Direct Publish by Amazon. Amazon must have its algorithm to inner search, which I don’t think is too complicated and they don’t often update it, I imagine.

Therefore, you can expect relatively stable income from it, if you can publish decent books.

As a creator, the important thing is who you are. You need to have a need to write your book or create your art. You have to have the reason for why you write that book, and why it has to be you that writes it.

I am purely Japanese. I was born in Japan, and I grew up in Japan. Japanese is my first language and I learnt English in school and also by self-learning. That is a good reason for me to write the book “10 things I did to become an English writer as a native Japanese person (tentative)” in Japanese. The author of this book must not be a Japanese person who was born in English speaking countries, nor a Japanese person who went to an international school. It has to be me!

In order to publish this book, I have to be an OK-standard English writer. That’s why I am writing on Medium. Writing on Medium is my English practice. Also, I want to self-publish some books in English before I write that Japanese book to prove that I am writing in English. So, I write on Medium as a draft for my English books.

I haven’t been curated by Medium yet. If your stories are curated, you may get consistent income through Medium (I don’t know), but now that I haven’t been curated, I have to continue to post, otherwise, my income on Medium would be none. Therefore, it is not a passive income for me yet.

Additionally, the older stories on Medium without being curated get fewer and fewer eyeballs. So, I am going to collect my old posts on Medium and revise and edit them into e-books, then self-publish on Amazon. That is my plan.

That’s why I don’t lose my motivation for writing here on Medium even though I have never been curated. Maybe you can see more clearly what I am aiming when you see one of my publications for learning Japanese.

The stories in this publication are exactly the draft of my book “learning Japanese with a native Japanese (tentative)”. Book-writing and article-writing are slightly different, but at the starting point of this publication, I had quite a clear vision of my future book.

So, if my stories in that publication never get curated, I will delete them from Medium, re-organise them as an e-book, then publish it.

Some people say that self-publishing doesn’t help your business, but you wouldn't know how it works to you until you have published many books, unless you have already been a famous person in this world. On Amazon, what shapes you is what kind of books you have published so far. One of your books helps to sell other books of yours. At least, you won’t get anything when your bookshelf is empty.

There are some types of stories which are suitable for books and others which are not suitable. You can’t expect a sudden increase in your income from your e-books, but who knows what happens in five years time or ten years time?

Also, I want to talk about creative writing too. Creative writing such as fiction stories or poems is not easy to monetise. However, I think that Creative writing has a longer life expectancy compared to technical writing or commercial writing (e.g. new technology or marketing etc), as I wrote in this story below;

So, your writing has a future as long as you never give up!

Japanese writer

A view from Japanese writer, about Japan, to decode its society and to glimpse the culture.


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Do I love writing, or does writing adore me? Writing is my shadow which follows me wherever I go.

Japanese writer

A view from Japanese writer, about Japan, to decode its society and to glimpse the culture.

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