Why should Writers try Creative Writing?

Article writing VS Creative writing

Sep 16, 2019 · 3 min read

No matter which language we are writing in there are a couple of types of writing; I would say, article writing, creating writing and blog writing.

Blog writing is like a personal journal or diary. You can write what happens to you (or somebody else) and what you thought, how you are feeling. You may be targeting specific people, or you may not be thinking about potential readers at all.

Article writing is for providing some information or your experiences to share with people who are looking for something or people who want to learn from your experience. It is better to think about what kind of people could read the stories which you are writing, while you are writing. You need to focus on your target readers and you may want to write in a manner in which everybody can understand easily what you are talking about.

Creative writing is the stories that you create. It may come from your experience or from your imagination. It could be any style of writing including poetry, fiction story, essays or others. You can be more concentrated on what you want to create rather than what type of people who will make up the audience.

In the sense of ‘eyeballs’, the strongest and efficient is the article writing. Especially online, the article writers are king. There are some technical methods to boost up the number of readers of your posts as long as it is an article writing.

I have been writing this type of ‘articles’ for years, but now I want to shift gradually towards ‘creative writing’, though I will not stop article-writing.

Article writing is much easier to get page views than creative writing. It’s also about demand. The demand for an ‘article’ is bigger than the one for creative writing. That’s why your article writing gets more attention than your creative writing.

However, I believe that you should try creative writing if you want your career as a writer to last longer. It is because article writings tend to have shorter lives than creative writings.

The lives of article writings are short because each piece of information cannot be meaningful forever, although the lifespan depends on its genre. You write a great story full of useful information today, but the article may be too old next year when nobody reads it anymore.

I used to write about healthy diets and beauty products, but I am not interested in this anymore. In the health industry, new studies always break the old mould. Let me highlight a concrete example. “Kombucha” is a hot word amongst health and beauty concerned people nowadays, but I am not sure that it will still exist in five years time.

I am a traveller and I write about travelling a lot. However, people always want the latest information. My articles about travelling are getting old day by day.

I also write about learning languages. The articles about languages have a relatively longer life. Still, you are not the only one in this world who can talk about your language. Therefore, you always have to compete with other writers.

On the other hand, creative writing is your creation and only yours. You can write whatever you want. It is not necessary to think about your audience. I don’t mean that you can neglect your fans, but you don’t have to flatter them. In other words, you could mess up your creation when you are too concerned about your audience.

Plus, Creative writing could survive longer than other writings. Classical novels, books, stories are continuously read for centuries because they are creative.

Your poem may get fewer eyeballs than your article writing for instance, but it still could be read by someone in ten years time. That’s why I started writing creative things as well as article writings. If you want to be a writer for a long time, I recommend creative-writing, even if you cannot feel that it’s efficient right now.

Japanese writer

A view from Japanese writer, about Japan, to decode its society and to glimpse the culture.


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Used to be named as Hana. A Japanese born blogger and writer who currently lives in Canada. https://japanesque-cafe.com/

Japanese writer

A view from Japanese writer, about Japan, to decode its society and to glimpse the culture.

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