Body Language of Cats Decoded: Better Communication

Body language of cats decoded — What if you could understand what is your cat telling you? Forget the vocal for now, focus on their body language. The subtle movement of their body tells so many things about them. Be a good body language reader, words can tell a lie while body can’t. We will take a look at cat’s major signs for better communication.

Body Language of Cats Decoded

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Table of Content

  1. Happy Signs
  2. Nervous Signs
  3. Angry Signs
  4. Playful Signs


Happy Signs

body language of a happy cute cat

Happy cute cat (boredpanda)


Johnny comes to servants’ bed, as usual, to wake them up.

It’s morning!


You don’t want me to scratch your face.

Johnny says and looks into servant H’s face.
 H moans and stretches her arms.

Morning, H.

H rubs her eyes.

Good morning, your majesty. You look vibrant.

Sure. I’ve already had stretching sessions. Keeps my blood circulating so good.

Says Johnny, he pushes his head to servant H’s face.

You really feeling good this morning… which is your usual self, though.

H pets Johnny from head to toe. He raises his hips so high.

Mmm, keep going.

How high your hips can go?

Johnny narrows his eyes. Butting himself to H’s head now.

Mmmmm. It’s too good! I need a break now.

His hips are coming down. Looking at H with his eyes slowly blinking.
 Now Johnny starts to knead on H’s arm.

Are you making biscuits there?

Yeah, I am. Good one.

Servant Y is slowly waking up.

Who’s making biscuits?

Johnny comes to Y’s face and putting his nose on his.
 Johnny is licking his face.

You watering my face all over. And it’s hurting, your majesty.

Complaining servant Y, but his face smiling. Johnny looks content, too.

If your cat is so used to your petting, he may push his body against yours and asking you pet him. This is easy one. Blinking eyes slowly is like giving a wink. Closing eyes giving you a sign of trust. They don’t close their eyes in front of enemy’s presence. That languid look shows he is a happy camper.

Nervous Signs

nervous, anxious cat

nervous, anxious cat (

Servant H opens up the curtain in the evening. She opened the window just a little.

Hmm, the night breeze feeling good!

Johnny is right behind H and feeling the breeze, too. He enjoys it while his eyes closed. And the moment he opened his eyes…

Who is there?!

Johnny’s tail got bigger in a moment. It’s like fox tail now.

What happened to your tail, your majesty?!

Johnny’s ears back, whiskers back, tail erect low so his body.

I’m asking who’s there!!

Johnny is looking at himself in the window.
 Servant H burst out into laughing.

That is YOU, your majesty. Who you are looking at the window is you!

Seems like Johnny doesn’t listen to what H says.
 H tries to calm him down by touching, Johnny rejects it.

Ok, ok. I won’t bother you, your majesty. Take your time to find out who is it there.

H is still laughing at Johnny’s exploded tail. Johnny’s tail stayed that way for a while that evening.

When cats are threatened or startled, his ears, his whiskers turn back. His tail may be waving. You just stay away from him for a while. Interfering doesn’t do any good.

Angry Signs

angry cat

angry cat (

Servant Y and H are running around in the kingdom.

What you two up to?

We are preparing for the trip, your majesty. Oh, don’t let me get on your feet!.

Servant Y almost stepped on Johnny’s foot.

…the trip? No! No more airplane!

You are not flying this time, your majesty. You’ll stay in Pittsburgh.

Goodness! But how’s gonna take care of me if you two are going out of town?!

The best boarding house in town, where you’ve been many times. No worry, your majesty. Now please get inside this carrying case…

Soon as Y tries to get Johnny in the carrying case, he ran away with his tail straight up.


Don’t make this difficult for you, your majesty!

Johnny hisses, growls and yowls. He won’t get in the carry case anytime soon…

Ears back and meow loudly shows his anger pretty clear. The tail may be up or down with fur standing. When cats are in this state, you’d better stay away.

Playful Signs

playful cat

playful cat (magic4walls)

Servant H is half asleep in the morning. She leaves the bedroom and sees Johnny on the landing.

Good morning, your majesty.

Morning, H!

Soon as he said, he touched on the H’s knee playfully and went downstairs as if he were running away.

Your majesty!!

H ran after Johnny and they started to throw and catch sessions immediately.

In Johnny’s case, there is no boundary between play and rest. When he feels like it, he starts running or meowing. This is not a school and you can do anything you want. Therefore, it’s fairly important to teach them when they go too far. Like biting your fingers, you need to tell how much you can take and where it’s not good.


To have better communication with cats, keep your behaviors with consistency. When you praise them, use high-pitched voice, when you want your cat behavior corrected, you use firm and loud voice to let them know you are not happy with it. Be consistent with your voice tone, gestures are the keys. If you mix it up like you saying no, but cuddling your cat doesn’t send the right sign to your cat.


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