Brigitte Bardot: Devoted Animal Lover

Brigitte Bardot — used to be French actress whose best known works are Et Dieu… créa la femme… (..And God Created Woman) (1956), Le mépris (Contempt) (1963), Viva Maria! (1965), and La vérité (The Truth) (1960). Bardot is an absolute global icon of beauty and now she’s well known for her activity for protect animals. She’s been photographed with a large number of animals as well as cats!

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot profile and rose

Brigitte Bardot (Photography.)

Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934, in Paris, France. Bardot didn’t have any animals during her childhood because of the war and life in Paris was difficult for everybody. She studied ballet as a teenager at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance, which her mother encouraged her. At the age of 15, Bardot appeared on the cover of France’s Elle magazine and then, she was discovered by screenwriter and future filmmaker Roger Vadim.

Brigitte Bardot updo profile

Brigitte Bardot (

In 1973, Bardot quit her acting career at the age of 39 after making 47 films. She began taking action for animals. Bardot established the Foundation for the Protection of Distressed Animals in the mid — the 1970s. Then in 1986, she created the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals. Her work has led to the Council of Europe banning the importation of seal fur and the French government banning ivory imports.

I am not an actress. I can only play me — on and off the screen.

Brigitte Bardot Quotes (Brainy Quote)

Come Back Rontonton!

Rontonton on abduction alert

Abduction alert on Bardot’s cat, Rontonton (

Abduction alert: Rontonton, Brigitte Bardot’s short-haired cat missing…

In 2013, Bardot’s beloved cat Rontonton went missing on March 26th. Bardot described the days while he was away; very painful and she couldn’t sleep. The cat disappeared, apparently after becoming frightened when gardeners were trimming bushes at the property on March 26th in the exclusive Riviera resort of St Tropez where Bardot lives. The cat missing broadcasted on TV and reported on local newspaper with the appealing photo.

After 200 calls from people reporting positive sightings of the cat, Rontonton was recovered on the road between Salins and St Tropez. Appeal photo did yield the result. Bardot was delighted that she was reunited with her kitty, Rontonton.

Brigitte-Bardot and tabby cat

Brigitte-Bardot and tabby cat (gattissimi)

Devoted Animal Lover

Brigitte Bardot and Cheetah

Brigitte Bardot and Cheetah (Pinterest)

Bardot has nearly 50 horses, donkeys, ponies, goats, sheep, pigs — all saved from abattoirs (slaughterhouse). Hens, geese, ducks, 20 cats and several rescued dogs. She claimed that the animals have never betrayed her.

Brigitte Bardot and cats

Brigitte Bardot Quotes: “I am really a cat transformed into a woman… (Classic Cinema Quotes)

Brigitte Bardot holding a cat with eyeliner

Brigitte Bardot with a cat (Pinterest)

Brigitte Bardot and black cat

Brigitte Bardot and black cat (

Brigitte Bardot in black dress holding a white cat

Brigitte Bardot and white cat (Pinterest)

Brigitte Bardot and three kittens

Brigitte Bardot and three kittens (Pinterest)

Bardot’s beauty was further immortalized in the form of famous French sculpture Marianne, unveiled in 1970 and modeled after her.

Brigitte Bardot - Buste de Marianne

Brigitte Bardot — Bust of Marianne (Pinterest)

However, Bardot’s iconic beauty image expands even more and keeps inspiring us while her fights of getting rights for animals continue.

I would like, before I die, to see the changes I’ve always fought for being made. If not, my life will have been worth nothing.

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