Bring Back Your Senses with Cat: The Most Strokable Creature


Bring back your senses with cat. We can connect easily with those who is on the other side of the earth. Laptop, smartphone, so many devices let you keep up with so many things going on around the globe without a second delay. Now, do you hug your loved ones? Be held by them? If you think you may have lost your real senses, cat can be your cure.

Bring Back Your Senses with Cat: The Most Strokable Creature


Johnny is grooming self-taking time in the living room. Servant Y comes in.

Good morning, your majesty. How do you feel today?


Johnny said with his eyes narrowing.


It is amazing you look so content most of the time, your majesty. What’s the secret of your satisfaction?

Do what you enjoy doing. Like grooming, playing, taking a nap, having a lot of sunlight…

I can’t do all of them because I’m occupied with my work.

Well, then breathe deeply when you are conscious. You can’t say you can’t do this because you are always breathing.

Sure, but when you focus on your task, you forget to breathe deeply.

You are good at finding why you can’t do what I tell you. Just watch me how I lead my day. I am a cat and I am not a human. So you can’t apply all of the things what I do, but with your smart brain, you can adapt something from my behaviors.

All right.

Do what you can do, Y.

Johnny’s daily routine

  1. Wake up early in the morning, yawn and stretch himself so good.
  2. Wake up servants by his paw and stinging tongue, feeling they are functioning fine.
  3. Have a delicious breakfast and enjoy its flavor.
  4. After the breakfast, savor lingering scent of breakfast by licking his paws.
  5. Let servants groom him with fine tools and feel its tingling sensation all over.
  6. After that, he grooms himself thoroughly. Again, feel its fantastic sensation.
  7. Drink water occasionally.
  8. Play with servants by running around the kingdom, this keeps him fit.
  9. Listen and watch what is going on outside the window, like chirping birds, playful squirrels.
  10. Follow wherever sunlights hit.
  11. Then take a nap whenever he feels appropriate.

You can replace breakfast with lunch and dinner and you just repeat them…

What a lazy… I mean a wonderful life you’ve made!

Yeah, I always feel the connection with myself and nature all the time.


You never get tired of yourself? I mean you want to do something else other than what you are doing now?

I’m not wanting anything else other than I already have. Because I am totally satisfied. What can you add to perfection? Nothing. What do you think you can add to your daily life to make it better?

Well…some exercise, maybe?

Then do it. Live with your body, not just in your head. I can suggest you one thing you can do right away. You wanna hear it?

Sure. What is that, your majesty?

You can put me on your lap and stroking me as long as you please. I allow you to do so.

… I think it benefits you a lot, but me?

Y, that’s the beauty of our relationship. You cuddling me benefit a lot to me and to you as well, you should know that. Doing that makes you produce a lot of serotonin in your body and you reap a huge benefit from it.

Servant Y put Johnny on his lap.

Now, you took an action for your well-being. It’s a giant leap!

Johnny already narrows his eyes, ready to receive nice strokes and sensations.
 Servant Y started stroking him and he narrowed his eyes, too.

I think I’m relaxing and getting sleepy…

As servant Y stroking Johnny’s back, both of them going back and forth in lullaby land…
 Servant H comes in.

Oh, la la. You two already taking a nap in the morning. Well, I can join.

Servant H sat next to Y, touching Johnny’s head. She started narrow her eyes immediately.


Dealing with cat requires total physical activities. You definitely have to use your hands and senses to take care of them. You can feel something different by touching her body when she’s not at her best.

If you and your cat share mutual trust, she lets you touch her body. This is a fabulous thing which might be difficult with a human.

Without limitations or reservations, they let you activate your senses by stroking them freely. You can feel simple happiness by doing so and find your self-breathing deeply naturally.

Cats are a great catalyst to restore your senses and you can purr if you feel like purring!

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