Cat Emotions: Feline Loves Free Spirits

Cat Emotions — do cats feel emotions? Yes, they do. They mainly express them with their body language. But they give extra effort to communicate with humans with their vocal as well. If you are comfortable with the way cats are, you might find someone with ‘cat quality’ very attractive. Two words, independent and curious.

Cat Emotions: Feline Loves Free Spirits

kitten flying

Kitten jumping (

Rubbing as a Sign of Affection

cat head-rubbing on dog

Cat head-rubbing on dog (ATTACK OF THE CUTE)

Some says cats rubbing on your legs are a mere act of spreading her scent as a way to mark territory. That is partially right. Cats commonly rub up against trees, couch, chair legs or other objects in the exact same way, which allows them to deposit pheromone-containing secretions that naturally come out of their skin.

cat tail up

cat tail up (

If rubbing up continues with their sides against you, it definitely is a sign of affection since cats don’t secrete their scent from their sides. You can be sure if it entails with cat’s raising her tail up.

Action Does Matters

cat jumping

Cat jumping (UnMotivating)

Since cats and humans don’t share the same vocal language, it is better for us to take an extra heed to their body language. Cats tell you so many things with their body, their tails, ears and eyes. When they slowly wink at you, it’s their greeting and you are supposed to wink them back if you want to be polite.

You may be able to apply to human to human communication as well. Action rewards more than words as we all know. If you love somebody, do something that somebody would be glad and pleased. It doesn’t matter what you think is good to them, it’s about how do they feel. It’s a basic fact, but we tend to forget we are all different. Cats tell us about it directly.

Independent Creature


Little cat on the exploring venture (

Cats prefer to deal with things in their own heads. This is why they are so curious and willing to explore new stuff without fear. And they don’t be scared by unknown, try again as long as that something interests them. Cats don’t do anything to please you, cats act on their own code.

Cats don’t look to humans for guidance in unfamiliar situations. Cats are more likely to explore the space on their own terms, so they appreciate if you don’t bother with their exploring and let them do what they want to do.


cat and dog

Cat and Dog (

There have been a favorite debate, whether you prefer dogs to cats or vise versa. It it is used to begin an argument, it just have only bad effect. Just like you don’t make friends with everybody, you have a certain type of preference when you deal with people or animals.

cat on dog

Cat on Dog (Pinterest)

It is not about which animal is smarter or affectionate. It just reveals what kind of person who you are. What type of action and behavior pleases you or throws you off.


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