Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma: Cats in Retro Future

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma: Japanese Illustrator who is known for his retro futuristic taste. We can see a lot of cats in his drawings, they have something mysterious quality and we are invited to have a glimpse of their world. With the book A Cat of Architect, you can merge yourself into his world easily and, cats say the key lies in beauty…

Makoto Sakuma

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma, A Freight Train

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma, A Freight Train (

Makoto Sakuma was born on January 3, 1973 in Aichi, Japan. Makoto loves to sketch cats since he was a small boy. He went to Pharmaceutical University, and thought he would be able to draw cats while he works, but it didn’t go that way. Makoto realized doing both were not possible, since both requires him to acquire technical knowledge and skills, and it takes a lot of time.

sakuma makoto, cats in a tiled room

Sakuma Makoto (

After all, learning at Pharmaceutical University turned out to be a great addition to his career as of knowledge of chemistry and physics came into handy for his works. Since 1998, Makoto held a solo exhibition at a gallery at Ginza from time to time.

A Cat of Architect

A cat of architect, the cover

A Cat of Architect, the Cover (lo SBADIGLIO del GATTO)

a cat of architect, cats in a small street

A Cat of Architect (

This picture book is the collaboration between mystery author, MORI Hiroshi and Makoto Sakuma. Nobody can explain what makes a thing beautiful. Is it such a thing “beauty” in this world? This is a story about a cat who was born to be an architect, and keeps on asking what is beauty.

a cat of architect, cat looking out the window

A cat of architect (lo SBADIGLIO del GATTO)

Cats must know the city structure at its best since they roam around freely at any time, anywhere. They look lazy as they sleeps a lot, but don’t be deceived by that. When they close their eyes, they meditate. You have no choice but to think about what is beauty, what is a cat…

The Lost Cat

The Lost Cat, the Cover

The Lost Cat, the Cover (

This is a story after 9 years from the first book, A Cat of Architect. White cat is an architect, tabby cat is an activist for revolution and a cat of legend gone long before…

The Lost Cat, cat in a station

The Lost Cat, cat in a station (

This is a city where only cats live in. Why would you look up higher? Why don’t you believe there is something more, something more wonderful and beautiful? Cats must know it, only cats can see it…

How can you believe in a hunch? I don’t really have an answer, but a hunch would bring destiny.


Cat Illsutartion by Makoto Sakuma, train exchange

Cat Illsutartion by Makoto Sakuma, train exchange (

Makoto says inspiration comes when he walks on the street happen to see a bit strange buildings, machines. Also when he listens to music, watches tv, or he does nothing.

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma, A cat with a key

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma, A cat with a key (

When he works, he is into his drawings totally. Imagining outside his sketch, think about what would happen as if he were living in that drawing.


Cat Illustration by Mokoto Sakuma

Cat Illustration by Mokoto Sakuma (

It would be great to have my own city… is Makoto’s dream. Strange-shaped robots, trains, buildings all around. Rainy days are welcome and cloudy sky is even beautiful…. His imagination never ends. We can see Makoto’s works on the cover of books, illustration, the cover of CD albums and postcards. The feeling his drawings put us in, it is unique, cool yet warm. Retro, but future.

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma, Night View with a Cat

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma “Night View with a Cat” (


my friend, Makoto Sakuma (procyon studio)

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