Cat Magic: 7 Charms You Can Never Resist

What Are They About Cats Which Attract Us to No End?

Cat Magic, Abyssinian Johnny face with light bubbles

Cat Magic — Abyssinian Johnny face with light bubbles behind

Cat magic — 7 charms you can never resist. If you want to understand what is cat’s charm, you don’t have to compare to other creatures. You just look at them. If you like what you see, fine. If you don’t, that’s fine, too. And only if you want to know what it is about cat attract you, please read on.

  1. Intriguing Eyes
  2. Strokable Body
  3. Cool Ears
  4. Delicate Muzzle
  5. Cute Paws
  6. Curious Nature
  7. Free Spirit

1. Intriguing Eyes

abyssinian johnny eyes

Is there anyone who would feel nothing when those large eyes look at yours directly? Cats’ eyes have tepetum lucidum, which is the mirror-like layer at the back of cats’ eyes that reflects the light. It makes cat’s eyes more mysterious as if it were glowing itself. In the twilight, its pupils become as round as those of a human.

It’s quite simple to state why their eyes are powerful. Men who see a beautiful woman dilate their pupils. Women who see a cute baby dilate their pupils. Cats have the same effect on us with their attractive eyes. And yes, their eyes are the center of the cat magic.

2. Strokable Body

Abyssinian Johnny laying down on a book

You would understand stroking cats give you a sigh of pleasure if you ever had a chance to have them on your lap. Despite their cool look, once cats trust you, they let you stroke well. Always make sure you stroke them only after they trust you. You have to show them you won’t hurt them in any way. Also, they don’t usually like rough stroking. So be polite, and showing your courtesy as you do with a human.

Always make sure you stroke them only after they trust you. You have to show them you won’t hurt them in any way. Also, they don’t usually like rough stroking. So be polite, and showing your courtesy as you do with a human.

3. Cool Ears

Abyssinian Johnny putting on a geadphone

Cat’s each ear is controlled by 32 muscles. They hear really really well. Cats can move their ears separately of the other and they constantly rotate them to catch sounds even from afar. Cats move in one direction and point its ears in another direction. They are like a radio antenna.

Even while they take a nap, it’s working. Sometimes it looks like they are contacting with outer space being. They may anyway.

4. Delicate Muzzle

abyssinian cool cat pictures, johnnys face

Have you ever watched cat’s muzzle while he is taking a nap? It slightly moves in a gentle motion. If you try to be close to it and listen to it, his breathing would calm you down and might bring you to lullaby land as well.

Watching them slightly moves as they breathe, you might be highly tempted to tickle and see his reaction.

5. Cute Paws


Need I say anything about it? If you ever touched cat’s paws, you know how it is soft and supple, too. Their hunting style kept their paws soft as they didn’t have to run for long, but used to be on trees and run short to catch prey. Their supple paws make them walk silently and absorbs shock when they jump off from the high ground.

Not all of the paws are pink, but they are several colors like black and dark brown. If you are allowed to touch and even grab them, you would think you were grabbing newborn baby’s hand.

6. Curious Nature

Abyssinian Johnny staring at something with mouth half-opened

They give you unexpected reactions more than often. Cat’s passion for exploring new things and even old stuff is beyond amazing. Cats are the embodiment of curiosity at its best. This is what make them look like a crown sometime who act and do stupid things, the other times they look like a stern researcher who looks into a microscope with total concentration.

An interesting thing about a cat is they never seem to regret or feel sorry for their act. Cats just do what they want to do, and go on. No time to be ashamed of anything.

7. Free Spirit

Abyssinian Johnny bathing sunlight on his face

What is the free spirit? It goes everywhere it wants, stays as long as it pleases and leaves the moment it wants to leave. Nothing can restrict them, nothing can control their spirit. And cats look content. One moment cat plays vigorously with human and the next he drops just that quick. That’s what make human crave for cat more. They are good at making scarce, so to speak. Always make you wish for more.

Cat’s body shape and function above are all for one reason. To survive, to hunt. The strokable coat is to protect their skin from scratch or cut from grasses or enemy, all of other organs are to be a good hunter. You can call it beauitility. Nothing they have which appears to be cute or cool is a mere decoration. Cat magic make you be generous and appreciate the time and space they share with you. They are the complete package of enchantment.


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