Cat Museum in Amsterdam: KattenKabinet

Cat museum in Amsterdam: KattenKabinet — decorated with a mix of Art Deco style posters in Gothic kind of style interior makes this museum unique. Here you won’t find anything you would find on the internet like cute kittens. Bob Meijer, the founder who turned parts of his residence into museum, collected impressive cat arts including some works of Picasso, Rembrandt and Toulouse-Lautrec. We are delighted and honored to step into his museum where he lived with his Morgan.

Cat Museum in Amsterdam: KattenKabinet

cat museum in amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot to offer, out of many attraction in this adorable city, museums are one of the most sought out destination. Over 50 museums have visitors from all around the world, you would find this small, but full of humor and love for cats museum truly inviting.

Who and Why started KattenKabinet, Cat Museum

cat museum in amsterdam, black cat statue

There once a young aspiring banker from Utrecht, now successful banker and investor found this cat themed museum back in 1990. His name is Bob Meijer, now is more into charities and bursaries, academic world, arts and culture in general. He used to have a cat named J.P. Morgan, yes that Morgan who is well known as one of the most famous bankers in the world and art collector as well. Morgan and Bob hit it off from the very start when he was studying in university in Utrecht. After they moved to Amsterdam and until Morgan passed away, they shared a lot of memories.

Bob was inconsolabe when I passed away. So was I, to be honest.

From a book, A Supreme Being — 25 Years of the Cat Cabinet Amsterdam

Whoever once owned or owned by a cat might understand this feeling. Bob went more than that. He got an idea from visiting exhibition about cats in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. So that he can keep Morgan’s memory alive.

cat museum in amsterdam, cat statue

A cat called John Pierpont Morgan was the cat that walked by himself. The librarian at Utrecht University’s Molengraaff Institute brought him to Bob, and he was the last kitten left from a litter of four. He was quite intelligent, independent and idiosyncratic. As you can guess, Bob himself shares these traits as well. He sometimes says he studied law together with Morgan. Went for walks together, spent holidays together. They were true partners you can ever ask for.

cat museum in amsterdam, small cat posters

He even held parties for Morgan and that is not just once but many. He slept with Morgan under the sheets and the idea of opening up part of their house to the public caused divorce with first wife. But if you are a cat lover, you would understand the pleasure of being with a cat in bed.

cat museum in amsterdam, cat on the table

He well summed up why we are attracted by cats like an irresistible force.

That curiosity, the willingness to try things out without a fear of failure, absorb blows and then get back up as cheerfully as ever and try again- these are the aspects of cats that Bob Meijer most admires. In fact, he shares these very same traits.

From a book, A Supreme Being — 25 Years of the Cat Cabinet Amsterdam

cat museum in amsterdam, porcelain cat climbing on the wall

Anyone who love cats would enjoy visiting this museum by many faces they show. You may spot a cat on the floor or on a chair taking a nap.

cat museum in amsterdam, cat sleeping on a chair

As Bob learned how to dose off pleasantly at any moment, you might learn the same knack from them. This place is filled with a lot of humors and respect for adorable supreme being, you might happen to feel the presence of Morgan as you walk through the rooms.

cat museum in amsterdam, cat posters

…Here’s we found a good Abyssinian friend who claims he came from the outer space. We don’t doubt it.

cat museum in amsterdam, abyssinian cat poster!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2436.2638350262623!2d4.889359315706523!3d52.36563585541012!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x47c609ea8cb7eb9d%3A0xc80771f60d58975b!2sHet+Kattenkabinet!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1476148562618


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