Cat Nose 5 Secrets Exposed: Johnny’s Anatomy #4

Cat nose is like human’s fingerprint — Each of cats’ nose are unique. Some says we can use cat’s nose prints as a identification. But who can let her nose printed with ink on paper without trouble? Well. Cat’s nose is one of the most important organ in cats as it has 200 million scent receptors. Cat nose plays a crucial function in cat’s life. Let’s see 5 secrets of cat nose together.

Cat Nose as Human’s Fingerprint


Table of Content

  1. Superb Sense of Smell as Guide
  2. Color of Nose and Fur Go Together
  3. Unique Nose Prints
  4. No Smell, No Appetite
  5. Nose to Nose as a Greeting


Superb Sense of Smell as Guide

Johnny is at the kitchen counter looks like digging something on it. Servant H comes in.

What you are doing, your majesty?

Johnny keeps on digging motion.

I can’t tell you in words this feeling. Something here is making me sniff and dig.

Servant H found a bowl which she prepared for lunch there.

You can’t dig a hole here. Oh, I forgot to take it to the fridge.

H put it to the fridge. Johnny stopped digging.

My lunch was the reason you were digging at the counter?

Looks like it. It is more like my nose telling me to be careful what you eat.

What do you mean exactly?

Well, this is not me, but my nose is telling you your meal is rotten.

Nahh. It’s not rotten, your majesty. It tastes good!

But H, it smells say sour.

Your sense of smell is acute, I put some balsamic vinegar in it. It may not smell wonderful to you, but it’s good for me.

Hmm, anyway you are warned.

Cat’s sense of smell is tremendously sharp, 200 million scent receptors are in it. Not just only this sense bring her to a prey, but also let her know where you’ve been and what you’ve eaten! It’s better play it safe when you have cats in your home, be alert to choose no added scented products. Good smell to you may not be applied to cats.

Color of Nose and Fur Go Together

Servant Y is selecting good pictures out of thousands in the past. Johnny comes in.

What’s up, Y?

Unique Nose Prints

Servant Y comes to the fridge and opening the door smiling.

I was looking for this.

Said to himself, Y took a plate out of the fridge.


There’s a piece of cake in his hand and you can see someone mashed something on it.

Oh my! Who ever done this kind of brutality to my cake!!

Servant H comes in the kitchen.

What’s this fuss about, Y?

H… Is that you? Is that you tried to eat my cake in the fridge?


What are you talking about? You know I am not a big fan of sweets.


Johnny walks in.

What you two are up to?

Servant Y and H frozen looking at Johnny’s face.

We think we found the culprit.

There’s a cream on top of Johnny’s nose.

I didn’t eat your cake.

There’s an evidence that you ate it. We have your nose print on this very piece of cake!

Soon Y said, Johnny erased his nose print by his paw and ran away.

Wha?! Come back here, your majesty!!!

Each cat’s nose are unique. Patterns of bumps and ridges are never be the same. In theory, we can use their nose-prints are their identification, but getting prints out of their noses sound not practical. What kind of cats sit still and wait for their noses to be inked and pushed onto a paper? Hard to imagine.

No Smell, No Appetite


Johnny sneezes several times.


Servant H comes in a room.

I don’t know myself. Something in my nose feels itchy.


After a while…

I’ve been calling you ages, your majesty!

What’s the matter, H?

I’ve been telling you it’s lunch time and you haven’t responded me, yet. Something is wrong here.

AH, lunch. I’ll have it later, H.

Goodness!! You skip lunch? Kidding!

Yeah, I think it’s odd as well, but I’m not that hungry… Achoo!

It is vital for cat’s health to have sense of smell working properly. Despite the fact that cat’s nose have 200 million scent receptors, cat’s tongue have very few taste receptors. Smell is what make cat want to eat, not the taste itself. So when cat’s nose isn’t functioning well, they don’t get hungry!

Nose to Nose as a Greeting

Servant H comes back from doing errands.

I am back, your majesty!

Johnny runs down to the downstairs and meet servant H.
 Johnny is pushing his nose against H’s legs.

Wowowowowow, my legs are getting wet, your majesty!

This is the way we greet the other. If you don’t want to get your legs wet, bring your nose to mine!

When cat encounter the other, they greet by sniffing around their noses. This is our “Hey, what’s up?” “What ya doing?” They exchange information by smell.


Cat’s sense of smell plays a big roll for their survival. Once they have respiratory infections or such, nasal blockage stop eating. Without smell, crucial information such as to detect prey is lost in cat’s world. Each nose is unique and there is no other identical nose-prints. Make sure your cat’s nose is moderately wet as it is a sign of their health, too.


Four Cool Facts About Your Cat’s Nose (catster)

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