Cat Photos Competitions 2016: Top 3 Leading Sites

Cat Photos Competitions in 2016: Top 3 Leading Sites. If you have a cat, no wonder your folder is full of your cat photos. Every once in a while, you got the best shot and wonder where you can share them with the world? Here are the top 3 sites you can expose your fabulous work!

Cat Photos Competitions in 2016: Top 3 Leading Sites


We will introduce three sites we think the best sites to showcase your cat photos. We have looked into as many contests/sites as possible and we can say they are the best three. We have account on 500px and have won awards with Johnny’s pictures on I SHOT IT and PH21 Gallery. So we know how to use them. Each of them has its own features. Let’s check them out find out which one is the best for you to start.

1. 500px

Best Photos of 2013: Cats (500px)

Although it’s not exactly the competition site, is a photo sharing site, where professional level pictures gathered. Oleg Gutsal and Ian Sobolev started 500px and are photographers themselves. You can check awesome cat photos and get views, and pulse to see how your work is doing. Wait, what’s pulse?

Look by Pavel Shapovalov on (500px)

They have a unique Pulse system, which is a score out of 100 points that measure how popular a photo is. Pulse is calculated by an algorithm, which is unique to 500px and is based on Views & Likes on your photo from the community. The Pulse algorithm was designed to promote daily exposure of new photographs and photographers.

Cat Woman: Wanda Wulz, Experimental Photographer

If you are curious and eager about capturing great images of cats, you definitely want to check this article on 500px ISO, 21 Tips For Taking Incredible Cat Photos. It’s written and pictured by a professional pet photographer Zoran Milutinovic who is based in Serbia.

A cat jumping vertically with all his might and another cat watching it

Freedom!!! by Zoran Milutinovic (500px)

Fear of the Dark by Zoran Milutinovic (500px)

Tabby cat caught in a funny position, oppa kitty style

Invisible Horse by Zoran Milutinovic (500px)

Shiny Whiskers by Zoran Milutinovic (500px)

Bottomline, 500px is an outstanding display platform. You can always search great pictures and get inspired. Also, they have many articles which tell you tips all about taking excellent pictures. So you might wanna come back as often as you can, inspired and learn new techniques to bring your work to the next level!


Cat Photo Competition 4 2016 : Page 1 (I SHOT IT)

This is literally The Best Cat Photos Competition, which offers competitions not just cats, but also across a wide range of subjects and prize levels. Prizes have been $25,000 cash and other huge cash prizes and Leica cameras.

I SHOT IT: Cat Photos Competition

Cat Photo Competition fee is $3.00 and duration is 63 days. You can upload as many pictures as you think it’s excellent. The first prize winner will receive somewhere around from $750–850(USD) (2016).

Cat Photo Competition 3 2016 · Entry Number 71 · Mark Of Excellence (I SHOT IT)

Looks familiar? Above is our Johnny’s picture which won the Cat Photo Competition 3 2016, Mark Of Excellence! He was so sleepy when we started shooting, but gradually he came to alert and we shot this one with lights in a room.

I SHOT IT: Free Photo Competition

Free Photo Competition being held weekly, you may want to start with this competition to see how it goes. One week to enter photos, followed by one week for voting. When you become a winner, Prize (USD) $10 is added to your I SHOT IT account. You can check Most Popular Photos from here with variable length of period: Most Popular Photos (I SHOT IT)

Free Photo Competition 2016 Week 20 · Entry Number 109 · Competition Winner — First Prize (I SHOT IT)

I SHOT IT: Premium Photo Competition

Premium Photo Competition, you can enter your photo for a fee of $10.00. Duration is 90 days, if you win, you can have cash around $1100 (USD) and Leica X2 Camera worth $2000 (2016).

Premium Photo Competition 2015 4 · Entry Number 84 · Competition Winner — First Prize (I SHOT IT)

I SHOT IT: Black-And-White Photo Competition

Black-And-White Photo Competition offers you Leica M MONOCHROM[1] body worth $8000.00 + a large amount of cash (somewhere around $6000–8000 (USD)). Entry Fee: $20.00Entries Duration: 90 days (2016)

Black-And-White Photo Competition 1 2016 · Entry Number 471 · Competition Winner — First Prize (I SHOT IT)

M Monochrom (Typ 246) with 35mm Summilux-M ASPH FLE
1/125th @ f/1.4, ISO 6400
(Red Dot Forum)

PH21 Gallery

The Cat Show page on PH21 Gallery

The Cat Show (PH21 Gallery)

The best thing about PH21 Gallery is they have a physical gallery in Budapest, Hungary.

Laura Plantation Cat by Ellen Winslow (PH21 Gallery)

PH21 Gallery is a contemporary exhibition space established in 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. The mission of the gallery is to provide group and solo exhibition opportunities and international exposure for contemporary photographers around the world. To this end, we invite emerging and established photographers to participate in our regular calls for entries for solo and themed group exhibitions. We have hosted a number of inspiring shows since we opened, and we have had the honor of exhibiting works of talented photographers from all corners of the world.

Of Small Things №2 by Catherine Tsakona (PH21 Gallery)

Don’t you think it’s cool to have your cat picture hang on a physical wall and seen by people? IT REALLY IS!

Midnight Crawler by Yoichi Matsuyama


Home to everyone’s best photos (500px)
 The Best Photo Competition (I SHOT IT)


The Cat Show (PH21 Gallery)

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