Cat Saves Your Life?: Detect and Reduce Risk of Disease


Cat saves your life? Yes, cats can be your lifesaver. You may have heard dogs save their owners in numerous ways. Well, so do cats. There are many cases reported that cats save their owners. Pet animals do have senses to notice the differences in owners, which sometimes decides its owners’ lives.


A Cat Who Saved The Owner’s Life


Servant H is preparing her breakfast after she fed Johnny.
 She has two glasses of smoothie. Johnny comes in.

Is that your breakfast for this morning?

Yes, your majesty.

Is it enough?

Yes. Why you ask that?

Because you have had a lot more lately like a rice salad bowl, some sweets and more…

When I eat, I eat a lot. When I don’t, I don’t eat at all. You notice the difference really well, your majesty.

I watch you carefully which you may not be aware of.

Oh, it reminds me of some cat stories who saved their owners lives.

Those must be good ones. Let’s hear it.

cat saves your life, Johnny looks down attentively

Angela Tinning knew there was something wrong when her normally aloof moggy Missy suddenly started bombarding her with attention and pawing at her breasts.
 She said: If it wasn’t for her I’d never have caught it so early and I might not be here today.
 Angela had ignored Missy until she knocked her breast, causing her pain — and she went to her GP.
 The doctor found pre-cancerous cells that would not have showed up on a mammogram.


The article says Angela was given all clear in cancer in 2013, but three years later Missy started playing up again. This time Angela went to the doctor straight up and found the cancer cells returned again.

So that without Missy, Angela would be late to notice her disease.

Very possibly. The key here is Missy is usually a aloof lady, but when Angela developed cancer cells within, Missy started acting differently. So Angela was able to notice there’s something wrong with her. Amber, Angela’s daughter, picked up Missy out of a litter.

And now Angela was picked up by Missy.

Exactly. Now, here’s another story.

Image source: The Press Democrat
 A couple from Santa Rosa, California, has their cat to thank for being aware and quick thinking enough to possibly save a life. Derick and Carol Orr were sleeping on Valentine’s Day morning when Carol awoke with the hiccups. She got out of bed and went to the other room to get rid of them, while Derick returned to sleep.
 Soon, Derick was awoken by the family cat, Baba. Baba is six years old but at 5:00 am that morning, he displayed behavior that was uncharacteristic. Baba repeatedly jumped up onto Derick, biting him and pawing at him. Derick tried to ignore the cat’s antics, but then noticed that Baba was repeatedly running out of the room before turning around, running back in, and jumping up on Derick.


I can see here again there’s a different cat’s behavior than usual when servants have health problems.

Yeah. They detect owners’, I mean servants’ disease even before they notice themselves. I wonder what cats see and feel? Could be smell? Could be vibrations?

That’s an interesting question. Hmm, possibly smells, vibrations and unusual behaviors. We have keen sense of smell and hearing as well.


Ah, true. You hear really well. Your ears are constantly moving to catch the sound . It looks like two antennas recording every sound they can get attached to your head.

Right. We hunters can’t miss any sound especially preys make. We detect where he is in which direction, and possibly the size of it.

Super! …That’s why.

That’s why what?

You never missed single opportunity you can get freshly opened canned chicken.

Of course not! Whenever I am in the kingdom, I’ll come right away. That’s my job!

Sure. You really are a hard worker. I can say you are a workaholic.

I know. I need to slow down a little bit.



You can call cats life partners. It is reasonable cats support their humans because it directly affect their lives as well. You may be able to say In order to survive, they would help you which is beneficial to both parties. Besides, they give you an ample chance of touching, stroking and it can reduce the level of stress and increase your serotonin level[1]. Touching them daily gives you ideas how they are doing, and they notice you if there’s anything different. Reciprocal relationship is likely to be built between you and your cats aka Win-Win!


Cat saves owner’s life by detecting she had breast cancer TWICE (Mirror)
 Persistent Cat Alerts Owner When Wife Is In Medical Trouble (LIFE WITH CATS)

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