Cat Turned Off: 5 Things Cats Hate You For

Cat Turned Off — There are 5 things cats totally turned off. We can have better communication with cats keeping them in mind. Best avoid what turns them off and have better lives together.

Cat Turned Off: 5 Things Cats Hate You For

detesting cat

Detesting cat (Pinterest)

1. Getting Wet

Wet Cat

Wet Cat (

There are some exceptions like Turkish Van who likes to swim, but in general cats do not like to be wet. Do not ever force them to get in the bath unless they are willing.

It’s best to get them accustomed to wash them in the shower starting at early age. Dry them with a large towel instead of using a hair dryer.

2. Loud Noise

Surprised cat

Surprised cat (

Loud noise turn cats completely off. They would run away. Cleaner, hair-dryer, loud voice would make your cat fur stand out in fear. They are very sensitive. They especially hate low and loud noise, since it is similar to the sound when animals roar. It is a total nonsense to call out your cat in loud voice or clap your hands, scream out her name. It makes them feel nervous and they feel huge stress. Complete turn off.

3. Staring

staring cat

Staring cat (

Cute kittens are apple in the eyes. But staring those eyes can make your kitty to be afraid of you. Staring in the eye means they are locked by a predator. So, when you hold her in arms, don’t stare in the eyes.

4. Strong Smell

cat smells

Cat smelling (

Cats have no tolerance for strong smell of perfume, laundry detergent, tobacco, and citrus fruits.
 They feel safe where they can smell their own smell by markings, if an owner wears something heavy perfume, they can’t smell their smell and they would avoid you.

Strong smell can trigger a problematic behavior in cats, so avoid anything which smell too strong.When cats smell anything strong or unknown smell to them, they show it on their faces. Best avoid any chemical stuff where cats can reach easily.

5. Too Much Attention



Cats know what they want and when they want it. Cats hate anyone who is persistent on getting their attention when they are totally not for it. Yes, kittens are cute and you want to pet them, but they also have their personal space.
 You respect their freedom and they would come to you naturally when they want to play with you.

Always put yourself in their shoes, see the situation with considering their innate behaviors. Communication code between cats and humans are close to the one between humans and humans. You treat them as if they were your best friend, it can’t go wrong.


これはやっちゃダメ!猫が嫌がること6選 (

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