Cat’s Eye: Mysterious and Sexy Art Thief Sisters

Cat’s Eye — It’s a name of the mysterious and sexy art thief sisters, they steal various paintings night by night. Nobody knows their identities except themselves. Police would catch them or would they keep escaping until they achieve their goal?

Cat’s Eye

Cat's Eye card

Cat’s Eye card (

Cat’s Eye is a Japanese manga by Tsukasa Hojo. The manga was made into an anime series which was originally broadcast in 1983. With CAT’S EYE, targeting audience was boys who read weekly manga magazine . Boys always aspire girls-next-door who are cute and desirable. Also, he wanted to draw many girls. In 1983, it turned into TV animation program and the TV drama was produced in 1988. It turned into a novel in 1996, and in 1997 it turned into a movie with actors.

Hojo claims that he really did not have any inspiration for these works other than having to meet a deadline. He wrote down a few things, he thought about a few things, and one day the ideas just came to him, out of thin air. In reality, the process was a lot more complicated, with editors involved.

CAT'S EYE: Kisugi Sisters

CAT’S EYE: Kisugi Sisters

CAT’S EYE are very popular in all Asian countries especially the Philippines, and European countries like Italy, France and Germany. Tsukasa Hojo was a honor guest of the eleventh French Japan Expo which was held in July 2010. French people love him so much, they welcomed really well.

Mysterious and Sexy Thief Sisters

CAT'S EYE Kisugi Sisters

Kisugi Sisters (zerochan)

The 3 Kisugi sisters, Rui, Hitomi, and Ai run the Cat’s Eye Cafe during the day. They are the daughters of Michael Heinz, a painter who mysteriously disappeared in the seventies. In order to find out what happened to him, they steal each item of their father’s collection from their new various owners. They send out the cards labeled “Cat’s Eye” to the police warning them every time they plan a theft, but still manage to escape. Detective Toshio Utsumi, in charge of the Cat’s Eye case, happens to be Hitomi’s boyfriend which proves very helpful for the sisters but creates obvious problems for Hitomi’s conscience.



Rui (zerochan)

Dark-haired sultry woman is Rui, the oldest sister of three. She is mature with a mischievous feature. The tall and curvy figure, she looks like a supermodel with curled long hair. Her charm point is a mole on the left side of the chin just like her mother. After sisters lost their mother, Rui became like the second mother and been taking care of her younger sisters. She never overslept for school. Oh, but she hates cockroaches!

Rui Kisugi

Rui Kisugi (zerochan)

As a professional thief, she is always cool and collected. Definitely a leader type. From selecting the target, gathering intelligence, planning carefully, and willing to do preliminary research. Often times, she doesn’t hesitate to discard even closer people. You can call her cold-blooded woman in that sense. Extremely smart and in command of many languages, possesses a variety of special licenses and skills. When she’s dressed up in the clothing of man, she still looks stunning for her tall figure. Well, she sounds pretty much like a super woman!

Rui holding a CAT'S EYE card

Rui holding a CAT’S EYE card (zerochan)


Hitomi Kisugi in a blanket

Hitomi Kisugi (Pinterest)

Hitomi, the second sister of three is a bright and willful, strong-minded woman. She has long hair just like her older sister, Rui, but Hitomi’s hair is straight as if it were expressing her character. She has good coordination and is ready to take an action whenever needed. Hitomi always does the main part of the stealing, Sometimes she makes a blunder, but most of the time she’s mature and be easily moved to tears.

Hitomi Kisugi

Hitomi Kisugi (zerochan)

Although she is seeing Toshio, her boyfriend from high school now is a detective, they just shared a kiss. She knows once Toshio found out they are CAT’S EYE who he’d been looking for desperately, their relationship would end. However, she’s determined to execute the plan with her sisters to take back all the father’s painting in terms of stealing at night. Unlike her older sister Rui, she barely made it be in time for high school every morning.

Hitomi Kisugi holding a CAT'S EYE card

Hitomi Kisugi (Pinterest)


Ai Kisugi

Ai Kisugi (zerochan)

Ai, the youngest of three has a slender figure just like a girl. She’s very bright, but sometimes gets lonely and shows spoiled feature. Her older sisters have long hair, but Ai has the short hairstyle with large eyes which are prominent. Great combination of cuteness feature and tomboyish personality, always with a smile. Ai never met her father, so she has some obsession for him.

Ai Kisugi

Ai Kisugi (Pinterest)

About their job at night, stealing paintings, Ai takes it like a part of the game. Hitomi is worried about this character in Ai. She hates snakes. She’s a geek and makes most of the gadgets to help her sisters in their heists. She’s definitely a mechanic type with high IQ, but sometimes she creates bummer and that puts them in a dire situation. Also, she has a keen eye for art, which her sisters put trust in. Being a high school girl, she also has a pet tabby kitten called Tiger.

Ai Kisugi having a CAT'S EYE card

Ai Kisugi (zerochan)

Love Between a Thief and a Cop

The second sister, Hitomi and a detective whose mission is to catch CAT’S EYE are lovers. And of course, Toshio, a detective doesn’t know the slightest thing about that his lover is the thief he’d been after for a long time. Hitomi has been suffering from conflict between the relationship with Toshio and her mission to collect (actually they steal) paintings for their father’s fame.

The love between a thief and a detective… There’s a movie Thomas Crown Affair, which has the same kind of setting. A very rich and successful playboy amuses himself by stealing artwork but may have met his match in a seductive detective… Sounds inviting?

CAT'S EYE: Ai and her boyfriend Toshio on a motor bike

Ai and her boyfriend Toshio (zerochan)

The Ending

Hitomi revealed her true self as a thief to Toshio. He told her he would not let her go no matter where she would be. Toshio threw out engage ring to her saying, This is my hand-cuff for you!He quit his job as a detective. Hitomi put it on her finger saying Follow me wherever I go., the she left. Without getting caught, three sisters flew to the United States…


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