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Get along well with cats is not difficult once you understand their personality. It is the same with humans. Get to know each other slowly and know what the other party likes and dislikes. The point is to understand there are some gesture meaning differences between cat society and human one.

Get Along Well with Cat : Simple 5 Steps

Get along well with cats, best companion cat, Abyssinian Johnny in H's hands

Abyssinian Johnny in H’s hands

Table of Content

  1. One step at a time
  2. Do not make loud noise
  3. Respect cat privacy
  4. Do not ever push
  5. Play with the toy cat loves

1. One step at a time

Johnny and servant H are looking at old pictures of Andy and Johnny.

Look at this little kitty! It is you, your majesty!

Oh my goodness! I was this small??

You were this small and took to servant Y on the first day. I was jealous.

Ah, I came to like him in a second. But I needed time to get to know you, H.

Hmm, ok.

You don’t like people who are too familiar at the first meeting, right? How do you make friends with people?

Hmm, taking time to get to know each other. Trying to find what both party have in common, something like that?

Exactly. Cats are the same way. There is a case that we hit it off in an instance, but usually, takes time.

I recall the days we tried so hard to get close to Andy, we didn’t think we push so hard, but he needed his own time to get used to be with us.

That’s true. Even what you think is good may not be good for someone else. Observe them well and act accordingly if you care them.

Just being cute kitten doesn’t mean humans can touch them casually. Show them you are willing to take time and wait for their reaction. Just like we do with humans.

2. Do not make loud noise

Johnny and servant H are in the living room.
 H is reading something on the phone. Johnny is dozing off.

Goodness!! Well done!!


Johnny fell off from the bean bag sofa, totally surprised. Servant H burst out laughing looking at this.

H!! You are not being gentle with me!!

Oh, I truly apologize, your majesty. I got so excited. Look at this message.

H shows her phone to Johnny.

Now, read me out loud.

Oh, sure. Y wrote me his team gave a great performance at an important conference. I was just so happy for it!

Ok, ok, ok…I think I forgot what to tell you…

Something like you should not make a loud noise?


Sudden loud noise frighten anybody including cats. It may take longer to have them show up again in front of you. This is something very simple, you are alert on what you are doing, there would be less chance to make a sudden loud noise. If you want just attention, it may work to make a noise, but if you want to get along well with cats, it never works.

3. Respect cat privacy

Johnny is dozing on and off on his favorite napping spot, the black box at the window.
 Servant H spotted him.

You looking so good, your majesty! Can I join you?

Look, H. This is MY favorite spot and you can tell there’s no space for two.

Why not? I can bring my chair here and make my open spot.

If you insist, but I appreciate that you leave me alone here.

Oh, you want to be alone? In that case, I’ll be ok. Let’s play some game, later, ok?

Sure, thanks for your understanding.

Cats need his own spot to stay quiet. As every human needs his own spot to be himself. So cats can feel calm and safe. provide them such a place in the house. Some secluded place or even a box will do. Cat Loves Box: A Hunter’s Hollow?

4. Do not ever push

Johnny scratches his neck badly, his skin gets rough.

You gotta wear this Elizabeth collar. Please stay still!

Servant H is trying to put this stuff around his neck, but Johnny says no.

Do I really have to put this on? This shampoo hat?

You really need this. Otherwise, your wound will be getting worse.

Alright, alright. I’ll put it on when I’m ready. I just don’t want you to force me to put on. Ok? Give me 30 seconds. Then you can put it on.

Thanks for your cooperation, your majesty.

I thank you for being patient with me even thought I know I would look ridiculous with this funny hat.

Cat has his own timing to do anything. No one wants to be forced into doing something.

5. Play with the toy cat loves

Johnny looks a little grumpy this morning.

Do you know why our king is in the sullen mode?

I have no idea. He may have seen a bad dream or so, I guess.

Does he see dreams[1]?

Sure he does. Let’s see how sullen he is.


Watch this.

Servant H measured the distance with her eyes, took the beacon, Johnny’s favorite toy in her hand.
 She started rub it on the floor making noise. Johnny reacts.

Why don’t we have short sessions, your majesty?

Said H, slides the beacon with huge momentum and Johnny dashed following it.

One more! One more!

H slides it again and Johnny followed.

You see? Playing always cheer us up this quick!

Living with cats, how much time you can spend playing with them is one of the most important key to get along well with cats. Of course it depends on your cat breed and personality, some cats may tend to be alone more and some the other way. But generally, you spend enough time playing with them make the bond between you and cats much stronger. Get along well with cats are not difficult once you understand this and take more time to play with them. Playing with Cat Benefit Hugely Both Party


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1.Do cats dream?(PURINA)

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