Get Closer to Cats: 7 Ways to Be Friends with Cats

Get Closer to Cats — It may be your own cat or a cat in the friends house, or even a cat on the street. You would like to get closer to them, but they run away. Why? Here are 7 ways which make you closer to cats in a natural way. You may be able to apply them in human to human communication as well.

Get Closer to Cats: 7 Crucial Ways

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Table of Content

  1. Make You Look Smaller
  2. Talk Slowly and Calmly in a Higher Tone of Voice
  3. Do Not Stare into Cat’s Eyes
  4. Leave Them Alone
  5. Touch Around Cat’s Head and Hips
  6. Do Not Wear Perfume
  7. Move Slowly

1. Make You Look Smaller

kitten laying on a blanket

Kitten laying on a blanket (Pinterest)

Cats tend to like smaller people. They feel threatened with unknown tall people. It is easy to understand if you put yourself in ‘cat’s shoes’. We must look like Gulliver to them.

Really tall people can’t make themselves smaller, but they can bend their knees, or sit with holding your knees would make yourself look smaller and less threat to cats. No wonder cats like babies.

2. Talk Slowly and Calmly in a Higher Tone of Voice

abyssinian kittens talking

Abyssinian kittens talking (Pinterest)

Cats tend to like women prior to men because men have lower and relatively louder voice. Cats take men’s voice as a threat. You don’t have to make your voice too high in pitch, but just keep in mind to talk in a calm, smooth manner.

Also, just like anyone who talks too fast and so much would make people uncomfortable, cats don’t like that kind of talking, either. Not like humans, they would avoid that kind of person without saying a word. The action is everything.

3. Do Not Stare into Cat’s Eyes


Coquin the cat by (Pinterest)

Staring into cat’s eyes means you are ready to fight. Do not send this sign unless you are willing to fight with them. Human to human, eye to eye contact is important and you can’t really trust someone who doesn’t look in the eyes. This is because we feel that someone is hiding something from us.

But with cats, avoiding eye contact is necessary. Even with humans, keep looking into someone’s eyes for a long period of time are rude, of course. We need to know the timing and the length to make it work.

4. Leave Them Alone

elegant white cat

Elegant White Cat (

In other words, let them do what they want to do. Trying to draw their attention to you in a wrong way may cause a damage to the relationship between you and a cat such as raising your voice, making loud noise. By leaving them alone, which shows your respect for them.

Think about this way, when you want to do something and someone wants your attention, they do call out your name or even scream at you, you are willing to come to them? Never.

5. Touch Around Cat’s Head and Hips

Kitten having rubbing on her head

Kitten feeling good (Pinterest)

Many people might believe cats are aloof and do not welcome touching. Half truth, half wrong. Some cats are very much like touching while others less like it. But there are certain areas cats like to be touched in general. Around their neck, head, and top of their hips. That’s all. Other areas cats don’t really care or do not wish to be touched.

Look how your cat react to your touch, how long she wants to be touched with soft or strong touch, they do have their own preferences, so look really close to her reactions.

6. Do Not Wear Perfume

Brown cat with green eyes

Brown cat with green eyes (Pinterest)

Cats dislike the strong smell. Perfume, or any other natural or chemical scent. Especially citrus. What smells good to you doesn’t have to be your cat’s favorite. Not just chemical smells, but also natural ones can be very strong and unpleasant to cats.

Avoid using strong scent detergent or any home cleaning stuff. If the perfume you wear has a subtle and not unpleasant scent to your cat, it would be ok!

7. Move Slowly

White cat with blue eyes

White cat with blue eyes (Pinterest)

A sudden move may surprise your cat in an unpleasant way and he may not come back for some time. Imagine yourself on the street in Tokyo, Godzilla is stomping down everywhere, it’s scary, right? It may not be that scary, but you can imagine cats can be intimidated by your sudden movement. Such a person isn’t be welcomed in human communication, either.

Overall, cats like people who are calm, move and talk slowly and elegant. Get closer to cats are not difficult. Understand they are animals with free spirits, leave them alone, let them do whatever pleases them would be the most important thing. Be graceful in every manner and all the cats come to you!


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