Last Days to Enjoy the Warmth of the Summer

Abyssinian Johnny on the floor, September 2017

Abyssinian Johnny on the floor, September 2017

Last days of the summer are passing fast. The summer in Pittsburgh is so hot, yet oh so nice if you have the shade. We all are enjoying these last days of the summer warmth.

What’s good about being in Pittsburgh in summer? You can enjoy the fresh air with a nice breeze, many outdoor events, and laid back atmosphere.

One thing I am amazed to see here is people are running all over the town. Looks they are very health conscious and proud of themselves taking control of their bodies.

Walking a dog in the stylish activewear looks really cool and make you wanna have one.

Lately, Johnny gets hungry too soon after he has a meal and seems like he is storing the food in his stomach preparing for the coming fall? Well?

Abyssinian Johnny and Y with his laptop

Abyssinian Johnny and Y with his laptop

It’s amazing how he keeps his lean body no matter how much he eats. Those last few days, the warmth of the summer came back and he’d been dozing on and off all day. How does he use up his calorie intake without exercising?

My hypothesis goes like this. He uses his energy mostly for sleeping that’s for sure. Also, he takes up his energy by observing stuff. He looks really intense when he looks at something with focus especially birds outside the window.

I remember the first time I saw a squirrel in our neighborhood and got excited about it. Now, they are jumping around, running on wires which look normal to me.

They are really lovely and every time we see them they remind us of Johnny.

Abyssinian Johnny on the inside of the closet

Abyssinian Johnny on the inside of the closet

But there used to be a time squirrels were taken as a harmful animal and vigorously getting rid of in the west. The time and place change the value of beings.

Speaking of a squirrel, we’ve got an area which is called “Squirrel Hill” in Pittsburgh. There is the walnut street where you can hang around and enjoy seeing stuff at stores ranges from the Banana Republic to local coffee shop Coffe Tree Roasters.

Either time passes fast or slow, it’s our perception and it’s all the same, we wish our time is/will be spent well. Let us enjoy things while it last.

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