Musical Cats: Angelic Voice Revives the Legendary Musical

Musical Cats — Undoubtedly one of the best known musical around the world composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This successful musical has been performed around the world many times and has been translated into more than 20 languages. Not a few people remember this earworm song Memory. Why don’t we experience fantastic CATS WORLD once again and find its new attraction in 2016?

Musical Cats

Cats — Musical, Musik Andrew Lloyd Webber, Victoria genießt den Mondschein. (Kultur Fibel)

Cats is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot, and produced by Cameron Mackintosh. The musical tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make what is known as “the Jellicle choice” and decide which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life.

Directed by Trevor Nunn and choreographed by Gillian Lynne, Cats first opened in the West End in 1981 and then with the same creative team on Broadway in 1982. It won numerous awards, including Best Musical at both the Laurence Olivier Awards and the Tony Awards. The London production ran for twenty-one years and the Broadway production ran for eighteen years, both setting new records. 7,485 performances on Broadway — a record now held by Mr. Lloyd Webber’s other mega hit, The Phantom of the Opera with 11,864 and counting.

Let’s see some main characters in Cats along the way.

New Memory by Emotional Angelic Voice

In this revival version of CATS in 2016, Mr. Lloyd Webber said the glamour cat Grizabella played by British pop star Leona Lewis will emphasize the heart of the show.

Grizabella — The former Glamour Cat who has lost her sparkle and now only wants to be accepted. Grizabella left the tribe when she was younger to see the world for herself; she has experienced the harshness of the world.

2016 version of CATS: British pop singer Leona Lewis as Grizabella (CelebFresh)

Betty Buckley in her Tony Award-winning role of Grizabella in the original Broadway production of Cats. (THEATER MANIA)

Sometimes it’s very difficult to keep momentum when it’s you that you are following.

Andrew Lloyd Webber > Quotes (goodreads)

Old Good Memory

Victoria — A pure white kitten gifted in dancing. The “official” Jellicle Ball begins with her solo dance. She also does a Pas de Deux with Plato during the Jellicle Ball. She is also the first to touch Grizabella.

Victoria: Foto Jeremy Breningstall (Kultur Fibel)

Munkustrap and Victoria (MYPOPPET)

Original CATS 1982 (

Demeter — A very skittish female cat. She is not the subject of a song, but plays a lead role in several.


Original CATS 1982 (

Munkustrap — The show’s main narrator. A tabby tomcat who is storyteller and protector of the Jellicle tribe. He is Old Deuteronomy’s second-in-command.

Munkustrap and other cats (eventfinda)

Munkustrap and Macavity (

Macavity — the show’s only real villain, who only appears briefly and has no dialogue. The character is a literary allusion to the Sherlock Holmes character Professor Moriarty. Usually played by the same actor as Plato or Admetus.

Cats — Musical, Musik Andrew Lloyd Webber,
Macavity stört den Ball zum zweiten Mal — Foto Jeremy Breningstall
(Kultur Fibel)

Don’t think, Just Feel

One of the cast who has performed more than a thousand times in nice different productions, Joey Abramowicz shares what’s the enduring appeal of CATS. It’s the spectacle, and the sense of belonging to a tribe. No one knows if there’s a story to follow. It’s silly, but it’s fun to look at.

CATS haters and lovers

No matter how many critics, ridicule about CATS, no one can beat that it revived and a lot of people come see the show. Good thing about it is you could go with your family and children, even you don’t need to understand the English Language to enjoy the show.

CATS (Tag Snaps)

So first, your memory I’ll jog,
 And say: A CAT IS NOT A DOG.
 A Cat’s entitled to expect
 These evidences of respect.
 And so in time you reach your aim,
 And finally call him by his NAME…..
 For all of their unique qualities and differences,
 he says, cats are very much like you.

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