Nuzzle as a Gesture of Friendship: Cat’s Code of Friends


Nuzzle as a gesture of friendship — Abyssinian Johnny nuzzles his face against one of his servants

Nuzzle as a gesture of friendship. Do you have an experience that cat nuzzles his nose against your legs? Even your face? That’s a sign he takes you as a good friend of his. That’s a very direct way to express their affection and trust which is used to cats. So it applies to you, humans. By accepting their nuzzling behavior, you are a member of his beloved circle.

Nuzzle as a Gesture of Friendship: Be Good friends with Cats

Johnny and servant H are at the office.

When will Y be back?

He sent me a text he’s on the bus coming back home. It won’t be long, your majesty. You miss him?

I see. I just asked for an asking sake.


After a short while, there’s a click sound of the knob at the front door.

He came back home!

Before servant H finished her saying, Johnny started running down the stairs to greet servant Y.

I’m home!

He got a small bag in his hand. Johnny started nuzzling his nose to Y’s knee.

You came back later than I thought!

The bus schedule is not on time and I was waiting for it for a long time. But I’m here.

Said Y, he hands a small bag to H. Now Johnny is butting his head against Y’s calf.

This is a small gift for you. Some Indian cuisine. They are good.

Smells good! Thanks!


I’m back to the kingdom, your majesty. You’ve been a good king?

Of course! Now cuddle me up!


Look at him. He must be in seventh heaven. Watch out for his saliva.

Too late. My sleeves are all wet by now.

Yeah, yeah. His mouth looks like a waterfall. King said he didn’t miss you just a while ago and now this.

This is why people call cat “tsundere”, huh? They look so cool when they are detached and so warm when they express affection. Huge gap.

Yeah, wide range of behaviors are one of their attractive features.

Abyssinians are one of the friendliest breeds and they show a lot of affection. Some say nuzzling, head-butting behaviors are just marking behavior. Like cats nuzzling couch, chair or any other furniture.

But how do you feel when they nuzzle you? You feel uncomfortable with it because it’s a mere marking gesture? If so, it’s ok. I respect the way you feel.

In our case, we feel happy and warm when cats do this action. Whether they see us as one of their possessions or not, it’s ok with us!


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