Succulents: Cat-Friendly Plants Arrangement Ideas

succulents purple and green


Cat-Friendly Plants Ideas: Succulents also known as Echeveria, Kalanchoe are eye-catching because of their sensual leaves. These forms and colors vary, you can come up with arty design and make anything-but-ordinary pots in your room!

Succulents can grow anywhere. Any container will do for succulents: pots, urns, troughs, window boxes, or you can make your own custom-made planters. Succulents love growing in pots.

Succulents History


Succulent (Pinterest)

Succulents differ from many other species because of their ability to survive drought. Most of them come from dry areas such as steppes, semi-desert, and desert. Those harsh climate forced succulents to have the ability to store nourishing ingredients in their stems, roots and leaves. That is why the word “succulent” in latin is succos meaning juice or sup.

Evolution and geographic distribution have resulted in a variety of succulents which are each adapted to their specific environment. This has led to a vast collection of unique types.

Succulents in cups

Succulents in Cups (Country Living)

Even these tiny cups can make homes for your succulents and it looks pretty cool.

Succulents with a lot of colors

Succulents in a box (Pinterest)

Succulents have bold foliage forms and bright colors, they are one of nature’s most versatile beauties. Keep them moist and let them absorb indirect light, which would brings out the colors in their foliage. Always make sure you provide them good drainage by putting pebbles or sand under the soil.

Succulents in pots at the window

Succulents in pots (ODYSSEY)

Succulents do best in bright but indirect sunlight. It’s ideal to keep them in a place where they get a lot of shade but still receive adequate light.

Succulent in Seashell

Succulent in Seashell (

Nice large seashell and variety of succulents make a great combination.

Succulents in moss balls

Succulents in moss balls (Pinterest)

This is a brilliant idea to sit your succulents! You can mist the moss ball, but be careful not to water the leaves, which would cause rot, in addition to leaving unsightly markings. Overwatering is no good for any plants, you can avoid this by making sure the soil is totally dry between waterings.

Succulent wall

Succulent wall (Pinterest)

Succulents in pots on the table

Succulents (

The simple pots and their distinctive shapes and colors provide endless opportunities for your creativity! Succulents give you the pleasure of owning, as if it were precious gems as some people treasure them like real collector’s items.


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