Product Review — C-tive Lipgloss Tint by Koji

I chanced upon this product while scrolling through instagram one day and decided to buy it when I went to Japan. C-tive lipgloss is currently the most popular and recommended product in Japan.

I only meant to buy 1 colour but ended up getting all 3 after trying out the testers!

C-tive lip gloss comes in 3 colours

  • No 1: Red tint
  • No 2: Pink tint
  • No 3: Orange tint

The colours are long lasting, extremely wearable and appropriate for work. They are also very moisturising which is good for dry weather and countries with low humidity.

Close up of the lip gloss. Small and compact, it is easy to bring along for holidays. I have been using it for a few months now and I am not even close to finishing the bottle.

The applicators are easy to use and the shape of the brush actually mimics your index finger.

Colour swatch for No 2 and 3.

The above 3 images were taken from the official website for reference.

Thank you for reading!