Why I Live In Tokyo

A day and night exploring my favorite city in the world.

Vincent Van Patten
Japonica Publication


Photo of the author. Tokyo.

Why do I live in Tokyo? I often wonder what the fuck I’m doing here. I get caught up looking for a reason, thinking there needs to be one. Does there?

Does there need to be a reason clear and cut as diamond to go where we’re called?

Maybe not.

Living in Tokyo was once a far-fetched dream, something I remind myself of every day; but life is life, and living in a foreign country — just existing here — gives me a run for my money.

But I came for the challenge.

Living in a foreign country alters your perspective of how things are supposed to be.

It makes you think: maybe where I’m from is not the center of the universe. You’ll question what matters, because what matters varies from culture to culture.

With this insight, you realize what matters to you.

I’m a writer.