The Family That Slays Together…

The chilling case of Runa Tamura

Edward Thomas
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7 min readJun 9, 2024


Runa Tamura Portrait
Runa Tamura (Source)


The text below contains graphic details about a gruesome murder in Japan, including references to acts of rape, murder, beheading, defilement of a corpse, and other sensitive topics.

Please refrain from reading further if such content is distressing to you.


This article is based on information from mainstream English news sources, as well as Japanese-language weekly magazines, blogs, and other online resources.

The author of this article makes no claims concerning the accuracy or truthfulness of the facts presented here, nor of the guilt or innocence of any individuals mentioned herein.

As the investigation is ongoing, details may change as new information emerges.


On June 4, the trial began for Hiroko Tamura, the first of the three members of the Tamura family who find themselves embroiled in one of the most shocking cases in Japanese criminal history.

Hiroko Tamura is accused of assisting in the mutilation and disposal of the body of Hitoshi Ura, a 62-year-old crossdresser who was allegedly murdered and…



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