15 Reasons Why You Should Get To Know Yourself First Before Knowing Others

“How well do you know yourself?”

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Most of us surely were asked this question many times and I am pretty sure that we weren’t sure about our answers. When we think about ourselves, we often believe that it’s the easiest thing to figure out. After all, it’s us. How hard can it be? Right?

But apparently things start to shift from ‘me’ to ‘them’. Society, people, friends, we start becoming all about them, believe it or not. We often pick on all the “accepted and appreciated” qualities of the world, without any real introspection. And that’s where we lose ourselves. That said, here’s why we shouldn’t:

  1. Because you spend most of your time with yourself.
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2. Because your opinion about you matters the most.

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3. Because knowing others without knowing yourself will only confuse the sh*t out of you.

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4. Because people will come and eventually go. You can only learn so much about a certain few, indeed.

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5. Because in this hell-like world, you’ve got to look out for yourself first— knowing yourself better than anything or anyone else is the best way to go about it.

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6. Because when you know “you”, you trust yourself more than anyone else — you take decisions for yourself and trust them too, don’t you? Regardless of what others might think, nobody can mess with you, you know that. Just don’t give a damn!

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7. Because no one doesn’t need an acknowledgement from oneself. All we need is acceptance.

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8. Because it will constantly motivate you to grow into the best version of yourself — you cannot get better than the world. It’s just too big an ocean to swim past. You’ll end up drowning. Why not focus on yourself instead?

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9. Because the lesser you know about others, the happier you will be — why do you think kids are happy? Simply because they know little. One thing is for sure, they don’t compare themselves to other kids. They just go for what they really want. If only adults are like them…*sigh*

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10. Because when you know yourself, you love and respect yourself more.

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11. And thus, you can absolutely answer some severely deep questions about your life, which no friend or counselor can ever help you with.

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12. Because you know what exactly determines your happiness and you can work towards it without any distractions. You can definitely find “true” happiness in the process.

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13. Because nobody can fix you better than you.

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14. Because you won’t end up chasing or doing anything you don’t really want. Remember this, less number of wrong decisions to deal with!

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15. Lastly, because you only take yourself to your deathbed. No one else! I know this point might seem a little depressing. But it definitely doesn’t indicate for you to be a narcissist pig. Thus, the idea is to value yourself enough for a happy ending with yourself. :)

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So, now I ask you, how well do you really know yourself?