To The Girl Who Hasn’t Found “The One” Yet

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Dear strong girl,

I know you are excited to meet your “The One” because I am excited to meet mine too. You may have been through a lot of heartaches and already met different kind of guys that made you cry, made you hope for something that will last, and broke your heart into pieces, but remember someone out there will come to prove that your “The One” really exists.

Yes, there will be times that you will lose your interest to love anyone because you will basically have the thought that all guys will be the same, someone who will be there for you but will eventually leave you hanging there, thinking what went wrong.

“Fear will always be there but you need to fight this feeling and take the risks if you think this love is worth risking for.”

You may have risked for the wrong people many times, give everything you have for them, even made yourself look like a fool while loving them. But this only proved that you’re a fighter who only wanted to find the happiness of having the perfect one.

“Never regret that you risked for someone in the past because you won’t live with what-ifs anymore, only lesson learned.”

You may be jealous with your friends who already found their special someone and may feel left out because you’re still single, but please bear in mind that eventually, your man will come, better than what you expected.

“Know that God is preparing you for the right one. You just have to be patient.”

God has already written your love story, He just wanted you to be strong before He give you the right guy by experiencing heartbreaks and challenges. He wants you to be ready and be matured enough to handle a relationship that will last a lifetime. Do not rush looking for someone just to be in the mainstream because remember that God’s timing is always perfect.