Better Than a Bar Tab

J Denney
J Denney
Mar 13, 2014 · 2 min read

Here’s a link to my Ignite Baltimore talk. The overall idea is that when you’re going out with a group of friends, instead of each spending a few bucks individually at a bar or movie theatre, you can pool your money together, get creative, and partake in an activity that’s not just fun, but also creates community and makes Baltimore a better and more interesting place to live.

Event Information

  1. Baltimore’s Playground (
  2. Independent Circus Practice (
  3. Brews and Board Games (
  4. Cardboard Tube Dueling (
  5. Baltimore Food Makers (
  6. MICA Open Studio Modeling Sessions (link)
  7. Baltimore Improv Group (
  8. Guerilla Art Workshops (
  9. DC Karaoke League (
  10. Baltimore Awesome Foundation (

Activity Information


  • Thanks for letting me use your photos! Dave Fine (Baltimore’s Playground), Brian Murphy (Baltimore Food Makers), Megan Wills (Baltimore Improv Group), Kathy McLean Photography ( Independent Circus Practice ), Mary England ( Guerilla Art )

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