Grid Cell-editor Colorpicker Form Combo in ExtJS and Netzke

ExtJS Color Picker

I had a scenario where I wanted to use a colorpicker as the input tool for a cell in a grid. Figured I’d share the solution, as it took me some time to get something working since there were a lot of “gotchas” that I didn’t fully understand. Perhaps others may have improvements.

In app/assets/javascripts/custome_netzke_helpers.js:

In app/components/bosses/javascripts/init_component.js:

In app/components/bosses.rb:

The code for the custom colorpicker was derived from the two following examples:

Hope this helps someone!

I also posted this in Netzke Google Groups, which could potentially have updates in the future:!topic/netzke/QZlTkZXkOE0